KCCA team appears before Casasse respond to the audit queries on roads and drainages

In the Parliamentary committee sitting today, the KCCA team responded to the audit querries on roads and drainages. Eng.Kairanuma decried the poor solid waste management habits in the city and the polythene bags that block drainages. He said roads and drainages is a key pillar in the Smart City agenda which KCCA is championing.

Hon Joel Senyonyi is the chair of the  Parliament Committee for Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE).

KCCA has now focused on Technology, Infrastructure and People Wellbeing. The new roads under reconstruction will include drainages, walkways, lighting, parking bays, sanitation and hygiene facilities, some will be dual lane. Accordingly the cost of the roads will not be uniform all around Kampala.

Kampala City will be boosted with approx 70km of new roads in addition to regular maintenance. They will be 31 roads which  will be located in all five divisions. The Kisaka led team is also increasing monitoring and supervision to curb the construction in wetlands. The stoppage of construction in wetlands needs a multipronged approach across government.

The members raised concern over the continuing floods in Kampala as was witnessed in the city this week. Hon. Bakabulindi said that historical errors were made by city administrators and wanted to know what the current city administrators are doing to correct those errors.

The KCCA team led by the Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka responded to the many concerns raised by the committee. Kisaka was accompanied by Directors and their deputies and other members of the technical team at City Hall
Hon. Bakabulindi also pointed out the increased population. Today Kampala accomodates over four million people utilising a system constructed over thirty years ago. Hon. Mpindi was concerned that the drainages in Kawempe are too narrow

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