About Us




About Us:

Kabuubi Media Africa is a global news digital online agency delivering fast, accurate, in-depth coverage of the events shaping our world from conflicts to politics, sports, entertainment and the latest breakthroughs in health, science and technology.

KMAUPDATES.COM delivers the news in video, text, photos, to a wide range of customers including Newspapers and Magazines, TV channels, Web sites and portals, mobile operators, corporate clients as well as public institutions.

We thrust to frequently update the world on breaking NEWS in and around the world in as many disciplines as it occurs anywhere. KMAUPDATES is empowered with a resourceful team agile and multi-faceted within the media industry, comprehension of different cultures and arts.

What We Do:

Specialty in provision of photography and Videography services, on top of Feature stories; Documentaries; Media strategy; organizational profiling and extensive Public and media Relations consultancy.

Location:Kampala,Uganda,East Africa


Highlight of Services:

  • Videography

We Provide Videos in different styles and tastes; company, individual requests for dignified personalities among others.

  • Photography

Our final products are delivered in High Definition Resolution (HDR) cameras. However, we take on individual preferences in other formats when required by client. We do coverage for NEWS pictures, and for private projects.

  • Documentary and features production

We are skilled in filming and editing of professional documentaries. We visit and revisit our clients on idea conception, scripting and story boarding to filming, directing and post production process. KMAUPDATES is capable of documenting your company or individual story, that is enhanced with client consultations, along with professional advice on key undertakings e.g. fundraising and instructional training videos.

  • Online Content Management

We have expertise in running online media platforms such as social media accounts and Websites for our clients. We generate content for these sites to keep the platforms active. This is handled through various steps that include the following;

  1. Content creation and curation:

We highlight the main responsibilities like creating a social media content calendar, designing images, taking bespoke photographs, recording videos, writing captions, and curating industry-related content. We also outline the steps of the approval process to help clients see at which point they need to get involved.

  1. Platform selection:

We outline why client may choose specific social networks which may be more suited to the target audience or their competitors are active there.

  1. Posting and updating content:

We state how often posting should be done to each network and why, including visual content creation and captions to build traction on client account.

  1. Brand monitoring

We advise on some of the brand keywords and hashtags that could be used and tracked.

  1. Engagement and community

We advise on how often to be engaging with followers. For example, a set amount of time each day or reply to engagements within a set number of hours.

  1. Analytics and reporting

This includes the frequency of the reports and details of what to be tracking and why.

  1. Review meetings

Schedule regular catch-ups to review overall performance and exchange ideas.

Why Us:

  • Our company has highly skilled and experienced journalists with extensive exposure to the media industry, covering News, high profile events which enhance leverage for informed consumer tastes and desires.
  • Our photographers and videographers are empowered with unique niche to understand the desired client’s needs or ideology that facilitates client expectations.
  • We use the latest photo and video cameras and equipment to guarantee a good output resolution and quality at all times.
  • We offer our photographers and videographers as well as rapporteurs for hire at any event on request.
  • We are a versatile team who cover all disciplines in regard to the clients’ needs. Our catch line is, ‘The client is our Boss’.


Our Vision:

To become the most comprehensive and proficient Agency that provides breaking NEWS Photos, Video, stories of quality projects across Africa, provided instantly online.

Our Mission:

To inspire clients through the provision of proficient, professional and high quality services that has always permanent impacts’ on our society

Our Core Values:


  • Intergrity
  • Strong customer care
  • Proffessionalism- (ethical)
  • Efficiency
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Excellency
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Reliability




We, KMAUPDATES would like to be partners in your endeavor. We interest you to the prospect of acting as your vehicle to design intelligent media strategies including documentaries and also disseminate those diverse interests through various platforms including our very website.


To introduce to you a proposed service we would like to offer to make the professional relationship a success.


KMAUPDATES boosts a global reach due to her online strength, and a viewership of over 40,000 people per day and consistent threshold of above 20,000 followers. With Social media increasingly a significant avenue to deliver desired communication, that assurance will be granted on our platform.

We need to see your media platforms grow over time. We need to increase the number of followers over your online platforms. it would also be more pertinent to focus on growing your audience through consistent engagement.


KMAUPDATES platform allows our partner to strategically engage with her audience and value of feedback. With a timely updating system, constant upgrade on growing demands guarantees an assured and purposeful delivery.


In addition, the online platform guarantees desired space for advertising, Newsletters and opinions in your interest in areas for instance; Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes (CSRPs); update on policies, Notices etc.


Other services offered:

  • Photography
  • Video projects
  • Advertising space
  • Designing media artworks (digital)
  • Signage


We are confident that the tools at your disposal will be added solutions to answer media and strategy gaps. We estimate the relationship will maximize your potential to adapt to new challenges and leverage your current vision.



International Clients:

 Some of our International clients include:

  • AFP –Global NEWS Agency
  • Heifer International
  • R and A Strategic Communications-South Africa
  • Reuters–Global NEWS Agency
  • Associated Press (AP)–Global NEWS Agency
  • European Press Photo Agency-–Global NEWS Agency

Our local Clients include:


  • Office of the Prime Minister.
  • Eskom Uganda.
  • Vivo Energy
  • United Bank for Africa
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Barclays Bank Uganda
  • Golf 100 Magazine
  • Uganda Golf Club
  • Rotary
  • Jinja Golf Club
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOIAs)
  • East African Community (EAC)
  • East African Legislative Assembly (EALA)
  • The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda and its distinguished Members of Parliament.
  • The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI)
  • European Press Photo Agency (EPA) (French Global Media Agency)
  • Agence France


  • Presse (AFP) (French Global Media Agency)
  • Associated Press (American global Media Agency).


  • Ronald Kabuubi

He is the President, Founder and Chief Editor at KMAUPDATES. He is a Video-journalist and a professional photographer with journalistic background in multimedia. He has worked with The New Vision, a leading Daily Newspaper for 11 years. He had a stint with Thomas Reuters Foundation; European Press Photo Agency (EPA); Demotix News Agency in the UK and the Associated Press (AP).

  • Wilber Tumutegyereize

He is the Project Coordinator at KMUPDATES since May 2020, and currently the Managing Director of Tumoit Consultants. He holds qualifications in Business Administration and Education from Makerere University Business School and Bishop Stuart University respectively in Mbarara. He has worked as a teacher and Director of Studies at Star Junior School Mbarara (2017-2018). He has worked as Nutritional Consultant at Eat well Ltd Kampala (January 2019-November 2019) and is the Chairperson – Board of Directors of Kigezi Elderly Care Organization and General Secretary of Intergenerational Agricultural Association IGAA since 2019.

  • Julius Mugagga Tukacungugwa

He is a journalist and reporter at KMAUPDATES since May 2021 with background in multimedia. He holds a bachelor of mass communication from Kampala University. He has worked as a new reporter at Record TV (2020-2021), Smart24 TV (2020) and Rest TV (2019-2020).

  • Charles Iga

He is an influential Public Relations and media expert and a prominent writer at KMAUPDATES since 2016. He holds a Bachelor of Science of Information Technology from Amity University, India with training in public relations. He has worked with Makerere University Public Relations Office (2015-2017) as web content writer, MasterCard Foundation (2017) as a rapporteur. He has worked as a media expert at Makerere University, Uganda Netball Federation (2016-2018), Endowment Fund mobiliser at Makerere University and a high school teacher. He has worked as project coordinator at Africa One Health University Network – AFROHUN (2021) and is currently the Data Manager/Information Officer at Revonia Enterprises (U) Ltd.

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