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Kampala’s city dwellers have reason to celebrate as the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) unveils eight modern toilets in a bid to improve sanitation services across the city.

These new facilities were constructed under the Kampala Water-Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Project (KW-LVWATSAN), implemented by the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC).

The project, that was promised in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) 2021-2026 manifesto, is aimed at addressing the pressing need for better sanitation infrastructure.

Funded by the government of Uganda with support from development partners KfW and the French Development Agency (AFD), the project aims to construct a total of 64 toilets targeting public school, markets and informal settlements across Kampala.

Silver Mugisha, the Managing Director of NWSC, officially handed over the toilets to Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director of KCCA, during an event held at Kiswa Primary School.

In her remarks Kisaka expressed her gratitude for the completion of these crucial facilities.

“The project answers a critical need in our markets, schools, and other public spaces for good sanitation and also answers our clarion call of a Smart city,” Kisaka stated.

These facilities are not only designed to improve sanitation but also to alleviate pressure on existing infrastructure and enhance overall hygiene standards.

Mugisha, highlighted the significance of this initiative, emphasizing that it would provide safe water and sanitation and ensure improved sanitation services.

“This project underscores our commitment to ensuring access to quality sanitation services for all residents,” Mugisha remarked.

One notable aspect of the project is the multi-story design of the toilets, which includes upper floors capable of accommodating businesses such as restaurants and cafeterias.

This innovative approach not only serves practical needs but also contributes to economic development within the city.

Jan Alber, Director of Kfw Office Kampala, praised the collaborative efforts between KCCA and NWSC, citing it as a key factor in the project’s success.

“This is outstanding work, and we look forward to seeing very supportive innovative structures,” Alber remarked.

‚ÄčThe sanitation facilities that have been handed over to KCCA include, Kasanga Primary School, Mbuya COU Primary School , St Paul Primary School, Police Children School, Mutundwe Primary School, Lubiri Primary School, Kiswa Market and Centenary Park.

Local area leaders including the Nakawa East Member of Parliament Hon Nsubuga Balimwezo and the Nakawa Division Mayor Paul Mugambe among others attended the event.

The collaborative efforts between government entities, development partners, and local authorities demonstrate a unified commitment to enhancing sanitation and hygiene standards, ultimately benefiting the entire community.


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