Prof. Eddy K. Tukamushaba appointed Vice Chancellor of UTAMU.


By Julius Mugaga/ KMA Updates.

Bugolobi-Kampala, Uganda. Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU) unveils rich profiled Prof. Eddy Kurobuza Tukamushaba to be at the helm of it for the next three years as Vice Chancellor.

Prof. Eddy Kurobuza Tukamushaba, Vice Chancellor of Uganda Technology And Management University, (UTAMU). Photo by Julius Mugaga.

On 17th January 2022, Prof. Eddy K. Tukamushaba received an appointment from the Chairperson Board of Directors Prof. Venansius Baryamureba and was handed instruments of Authority with responsibilities stipulated in the appointment letter.

UTAMU is the sole University in Uganda that conducts learning online.

Julius Mugaga Tukacungurwa of Kabuubi Media Africa secured a one on one comprehensive interview with the Academician to understand his life, capacities, motivations and related aspects as he gets to the new job.

Who is Prof. Eddy K. Tukamushaba?

I am Eddy Kurobuza Tukamushaba and was born on 15th May 1972 in Rubanda District, Uganda. I hold a Diploma in Hotel and Institutional Catering, a Professional Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Management (NEVI A & B) accredited by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, a Diploma in Business Management and Administration, First Class Honors Degree in Tourism Management, and a Master’s in Business Administration (Marketing) from Makerere University Business School, a PhD in Hotel and Tourism Management from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong among other continuous professional development certificates.

I am a Professor of Business Management, a researcher, consultant, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TIMEL Hospitality Consult (Ltd) and entrepreneur.

Prof. Eddy Kurobuza Tukamushaba at his Office in Bugolobi ready for work. Photo by Julius Mugaga.

Well, Could you take a minute and make a reader understand the docket of a Vice Chancellor where you’re appointed?

I was appointed the Acting Vice Chancellor on November 1st, 2021 after accepting to serve as the Dean of Business School at Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU).

As per Section 31(1) of the Universities and other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 as amended, the Vice Chancellor is responsible for the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the University.

According to the appointment letter dated November 1st, 2021, the additional roles for the Vice chancellor are:

Being the chief academic and administrative officer as well as the accounting officer of the university, in the absence of the Vice chancellor.

Presiding over all ceremonies of the university and in the name of Uganda

Technology and Management University (UTAMU).

Conferring degrees and other academic titles and distinctions of UTAMU, and

Performing other duties as may be delegated by the university council.

Instruments and letter of Appointment of Vice Chancellor, Prof. Eddy K. Tukamushaba/Courtesy Photo.

Some other people are given to serve in capacities without knowhow, what motivates you to serve in this capacity?

My motivation to serve as a vice chancellor of UTAMU is guided from past experience right from childhood, youth and adult life.

I am the seventh child in my family of twelve and, I was raised to make independent decisions by my father (Deceased). I was responsible for the family business of buying and selling produce.

I was taught to make money and manage finances. As a youth in Mutolere senior secondary School I was a librarian and leader of Scripture Union.

These responsibilities gave me early training about taking care of library resources and leadership skills which are critical in managing business.

As an adult, I took every opportunity to identify business opportunities and seeking academic excellence through self-sacrifice, risk taking guided by three principles of Discipline, Determination and Hard work (D2 H ) until I completed my education with a PhD in 2013 in Hong Kong.

I started my teaching career in 1998 at Gourmet Institute where I doubled as operations manager until 2000 and for less than one year from January 2001 to November 2001. In this role, I was responsible for linking students for practical training in Gourmet restaurant, ensuring efficient operations of the restaurant, managing guests who acted as trainers in providing real life training experience for the students.

I was responsible for financial aspects of the restaurant by making sure that purchases for restocking food and drinks was at par with the level of operations. I management and motivated five employees and the restaurant was profitable.

I was involved in curriculum development and training in collaboration with EU SYD – Gourmet Institute program that helped me develop curriculum development and designing skills.

Through business diversification by designing short courses in Pastry and Baking for organizations such as Bank of Uganda and Outside catering, Gourmet restaurant and Bar were the cash cows for the company. I was the Tour Operations Manager for KSL Solution Providers Ltd where I was in charge of designing and planning tours.

I managed to build a fleet of cars that were hired from individuals who had more than one car at home and needed someone to used them to avoid them getting damaged. I saw this opportunity and used it to the advantage of the company.

This demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit I possess which I will harness to identify business opportunities for UTAMU.

I joined Makerere University Business School on December 1st 2001 as a teaching

Assistant in the department of leisure and Hospitality Management and moved through academic ranks until I was appointed to be the head of department in 2006 for two years. To get promoted from one level to another within the university requires Publication and demonstration independent thinking.

Working at MUBS provided me with an opportunity to learn how Universities operate. I was a member of different committees and as a head of department, I was responsible for 34 academic and administrative staff.

I motivated them to work, developed them by encouraging them to go for further studies and we developed programs that are now popular in MUBS. I will use the networks I built from MUBS and Makerere University to improve to improve the academic standards of both staff and students.

I will use strategic alliances to augment the strength UTAMU has and what other government institutions have to improve the ranking of UTAMU nationally and internationally.

I left MUBS in 2010 to study PhD at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and I completed the PhD 2 years and 7 Months. This was because Hong Kong provided opportunities to access resources that were not available in Ugandan universities.

This demonstrates that given support, good working environment and resources, I am a high performer and achiever and I will use this strength to achieve the vision and mission of UTAMU.

The links I developed with Hong Kong Polytechnic University will be used to encourage staff and Alumni who want to apply for Scholarships to do so and building of possible research collaboration.

After completing my PhD earlier than the study leave I had been offered at MUBS, I was offered a Senior Lecturer Job at Pwani University in Mombasa-Kenya in 2013 August until December. I used this opportunity to have an experience of teaching in another cultural set up.

My teaching experience was enhanced and this is another institution for possible research collaboration. In November, 2013, I was offered a better Job at Stenden University Qatar as a senior lecturer and I returned to Uganda and started working in Qatar on 4th January 2014 up to the time I decided to return and serve

UTAMU as Dean Business School and subsequently appointed the Ag. Vice chancellor on November 1st, 2021.

While at Stenden University Qatar, in 2016, I was promoted to the Associate Professor in the department of International Hospitality Management. This promotion was based on my research and publication record, teaching experience and research supervision and other roles such as the external examiner for Chinhoyi University of Technology in Zimbabwe, collaborative efforts with other universities to do research.

Having been privileged to teach in Uganda, Kenya, Hong Kong, Germany and

Qatar, gives me both practical skills and experience to manage the university and as an acting vice chancellor, I have already demonstrated my academic, administrative and financial management acumen based on the results recorded by the University Council.

Prof. Eddy K. Tukamushaba after responding to interview questions. Photo by Julius Mugaga.

In your two months of service in acting capacity before being appointed to the full Vice Chancellor role of UTAMU, what have you encountered along the way?

On November 1st 2021, I was appointed the Ag. Vice Chancellor of UTAMU. I accepted the appointment on a short notice and it was an honor and privilege to serve in this role. Amidst the management crisis that was taking place, I took up the role with a resolve to make a difference in UTAMU.

Accepting to serve as an acting VC on short notice helped me to demonstrate my leadership and management skills and experience to the benefit of all stakeholders.

This appointment at the same time marked the apex of my professional academic life. It offered me an incredible opportunity to make my contribution to the continued development of Uganda Technology And Management University itself, put into practice my scholarly research.

Also this opportunity helped me deepen my understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the education sector in Uganda.

My appointment came at a time when managing a private University in an environment marked with many challenges posed by change in global political economies ushered in by Covid-19 pandemic was predominant.

As an acting vice chancellor, to perform the roles I was given, I had to first answer 3 questions to guide my leadership and Management. The WHY, WHAT and HOW.

The “WHY” question helped me to understand the purpose which is the true North by which to navigate at all times. Knowing why UTAMU exits which is the mission “To provide global quality education, Research and innovation critical to economic and human development”.

The “WHAT” is the vision “To be a global educational institution for management,

Science, technology and innovation” provided guideline to achieve the mission. It was clear to me together with the management team under my leadership to clearly define the “HOW” which are strategies to enable us achieve the mission of UTAMU.

How do you rate your Academic and Administrative abilities to suit your new job?

In pursuant of the mission and vision of UTAMU, my career and life experiences I have recognized that my guiding life principles of Discipline, Determination, Hard work and Honesty (D 2 H 2 ) are in line with the core values UTAMU which are: professionalism, creativity, integrity, transparency, empowerment and community engagement.

I have lived these values through over 20 years of research, teaching at different levels, scholarship and community involvement as a leader and a manager.

The knowledge and experience accumulated over years of dedicated service in Africa, Europe, Asia and Middle East is untarnished and my credibility is unquestionable among my peers and within the society.

Specifically, I bring over 20yrs of teaching and research experience in the areas of hospitality, tourism, and marketing. My publication record of 14 articles in academic Journals, 12 Book/ Book chapters, 17 academic conference papers attest to this.

Through collaborative research framework with other international scholars, and individual effort, several international awards have been achieved such as the Authors licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) research fund award in 2008 under public sector management in Africa, award a highly competitive post graduate scholarship by the Hong Kong Government through The Hong Kong

Polytechnic University to study a PhD research degree in the School Hotel and

Tourism Management. SHTM is ranked the second top tourism and hospitality training School in the world. I completed the PhD in a record time of 2.7 years.

As a head of Leisure and Hospitality department at Makerere University I developed and defended two academic programs (Bachelor of Travel and

Tourism Management and Masters in Hospitality and Tourism Management and defended them at Makerere University senate. These programs are already accredited by National Council for Higher Education and popular.

I was able to see the gap in the human capital needs in the transport sector and particularly the airlines and the graduates from these programs are now employed in the Arline industry.

I have acted as Dean of Marketing and Hospitality Management which gave me an opportunity to chair school academic board and heading different ad hock committees of management to solve problems with results records for national colleges of commerce that were under MUBS and Dean Business School UTAMU.

I am using the knowledge, experience, and expertise I have acquired to mentor researchers in UTAMU to advance Business Management, marketing quantitative research methods/ applied statistics, education, which are in line with UTAMU research priorities.

Being a multidisciplinary researcher with a PhD combining Tourism and Marketing and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA-Marketing), I will be an asset to the University in the existing UTAMU research agenda.

I have demonstrable experience and expertise required to promote and oversee teaching and learning, research and innovations and knowledge transfer partnerships and networking, which are the core functions of UTAMU. I ably understand the roles of the different players in a University since I have served in different capacities.

This experience in management and governance and an understanding of private business management is very important for the smooth running of a progressive private University since the Vice Chancellor must work, interact and relate well with the different players, stakeholders and officers of the University.

Having been exposed to collaboration with international universities such University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the Bryan School of Business and

Economics, Munich University of Applied Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic

University and Makerere University, Makerere University Business School

Chinhoyi University of Applied Sciences, and Namibia National councils for

Higher education will enable me initiate projects based on empirical studies that have already been undertaken in Africa covering topics such as the human factor, organizational support and organizational effectiveness, organization justice and employee job effectiveness in family businesses, Tourism demand forecasting modeling index, and other topics of interest that are in line with UTAMU mandate and apply them to Uganda context.

As a researcher, I have been able to make observations as I interact with different stakeholders such as research students at both graduate and undergraduate levels within Uganda.

On some of the panel discussions I have attended on Education and Guest management – a hospitality perspective at Virtual conference, important themes have been identified. These include youth empowerment, education and the labor market, orientations and behavior, climate change, family cohesion and child welfare, food security, institutional wastage management.

These will be explored using cleaner production concept in water, electricity conservation and food which are issues related to sustainability, use of nudge theory to influence positive behavior such as stopping littering and in the end safe the environment.

The excellent presentation, communication, negotiation skills will help me disseminate empirical research findings in any forum both nationally and internationally.

To enhance institutional effectiveness, my reputation and image within the tourism and hospitality industry where I am the CEO of TIMEL hospitality and tourism consults, and I have carried out a number of successful trainings for hotels and tourism bodies such as International Gorilla Conservation Program and Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda, and the interventions I have recommended have improved performance and effectiveness that led to high customer satisfaction and revenue generation, is a testimony that I will be an asset to UTAMU in effort to achieve its Mission which aligned to Uganda Vision 2040 and Uganda National Development Plan III 2020/2021-2024/25.

Uganda Technology And Management University Bugolobi Main Campus  building seen at a distance/Courtesy Photo.

Take us through the tangible achievements at hand in the limited time of two months in the Acting capacity?

Having a full understanding that UTAMU as a private university and that I have responsibility to run it as a business to bring returns on investment to shareholders is paramount.

UTAMU started operating as a private business in the sector of higher learning education in Uganda after being granted a license by National Council for Higher Education on 11th March 2013.

It is a limited company incorporated in Uganda under companies Act (CAP 110) as a company limited by shares. It was registered as a company on 30th August 2012 to offer academic programs at all levels,

Also having understood the organizational governance structures of UTAMU with the Board of Directors at the top followed by the University Council, the University Senate, College Boards, Schools and Institute Boards and Other Academic Boards and lastly Departmental Boards., having been given the instrument of appointment, I used the appointment letter and terms and conditions of service to carry out different academic, administrative and Financial affairs of the university.

Two groups of graduate students from Uganda Technology And Management University at the graduation venue/Courtesy Photo.

On Academic achievement,

Teaching and examinations for September – December 2021 semester UTAMU has three intakes in each academic year which include January 10th, May 10th and September 10th and all postgraduate and undergraduate programs are offered through a blended-learning study mode with the e-learning system being the key enabler of the learning.

The September to December 2021 semester started on 10th September 2021. On November 1st the government of Uganda opened up University education but with Curfew restrictions. Through evidence based research, and stakeholder participation such as the guild student leadership, I successfully made the right decision of not having face to face teaching because 93% of the students indicated that they preferred online learning while only 7% preferred face to face.

We allowed students who wanted to access internet services to follow SOPS while at campus we successfully ended the semester well Examinations started on 4th December and ended on 22nd December 2021.

A total of 354 students sat for open book online examinations. 99% of the results were submitted by 8th of January 2022 after few reminders by the academic registrar with the support of the Chairperson BOD. This is a clear demonstration of excellent working relationship with academic, administrative and top University organs.

On International Conference on Technology and Management,

I played a significant role for the 7th ICTM conference, held for two days from 15th-16th December, 2021. The conference theme was “Embracing Transformation Towards Management Through Information Communication Technologies: Normalizing virtuality in developing countries.”.

A total of 12 papers were presented and we had 4 key note speakers including Prof. Joseph M. Ntayi the Dean Faculty of Economics, Energy and Management Science Makerere University, Sewanyana Yusufu the Ag. Director; Commissioner of Police, Mr. Kwesiga Arthur, the Director of ICT at URSB and Prof. Eddy Kurobuza Tukamushaba, the Ag. Vice Chancellor UTAMU.

This is a clear demonstration of academic leadership, networking and collaboration skills. Uganda Broadcasting Services TV and Smart 24 Tv an online Television covered the event.

This demonstrates the public relations skills and effective use of financial resources because we achieved more from limited budget of Five million Uganda Shillings. The decision I made to hold the virtual conference saved the University about 1.5 million Uganda shillings.

Regarding Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODeL) system,

In response to National Council for Higher Education (NICHE) directives, the University applied to NCHE to adopt of an emergency Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODeL) system during the COVID-19 lockdown. The evaluation report from this inspection showed that we met all minimum requirements with some recommendations made.

Jane Nabwire a representative from NCHE visited UTAMU on December 17th 2021 to follow up the recommendations made on August 20, 2021 and all support documents that were requested for by the NCHE team have been compiled and will be sent to the contact person at NCHE.

Samples of open book exams were also requested as an additional requirement to show evidence of assessment that is in line with ODeL. The only pending issue is to incorporate the inclusivity policy for students with disability within the existing online learning policy. This will be worked on in 2022.

The project that started in July 2019 between UTAMU and United Nations University Operating Unit on Policy Driven Electronic Governance (UNU-EGOV on development of a strategy to enhance and sustain the information and communications technology (ICT) function in the government of Uganda (stratict project) was successfully completed.

The overall objective of the project was to develop a Strategy to Enhance and Sustain the ICT Function in the Government of Uganda, in order to strengthen the capacity of the MDAs/LGs in pursuing public policy, fulfilling national development goals, and delivering value to the public through strategic use of ICT.

In an effort to improve international student’s payment of tuition fees and other fees, I allowed flexibility in fees payment by allowing payment using western union.

This has enabled us to collect fees and I have speared headed the registration of mobile phones in the names of UTAMU to enable mobile money payment of fees. This is likely to increase fees collection.

This demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit and correct judgment to increase efficiency, transparency and accountability for finances budgeted for.

We were able to procure 11 office chairs and 5 Office desks for senior staff, a video camera, recorder and accessories for the virtual lab and a virtual server.

The camera and recorder will be used to record lectures that will be sent to students online to enhance the learning experience most especially for classes with less than 5 students.

Prof. Venansius Baryamureba, Chairman Board of Directors of Uganda Technology And Management University/Courtesy Photo.

Dr. Patrick Bitature, Chancellor of Uganda Technology And Management University/Courtesy Photo.

On Provision Senate leadership,

On Thursday November 25th, 2021, I successfully chaired senate and senate rules and procedures, committees of senate and Senate Almanac were approved.

Under my leadership, the first action was to constitute senate committees and rules and procedures to enable senate perform its function of providing academic leadership to all teaching related activities.

Relevant committees are now in place to follow up and enact regulations and policies on BOD directives and other important policies necessary for smooth running and management of the university.

In the special senate meeting that was held on 25th November, 2021, the Ag. VC communicated the three resolutions and Deans and heads of departments have started implementing some of the directives such as not offering programs with few students, ensuring that part time staff is given a maximum of 3 courses- though this is still a challenge. Given the nature of some courses which are highly specialized with few staff to teach such courses.

In that meeting, senate received, considered and approved the proposed Senate Rules and Procedures which were sent to the Council Chairperson for approval on behalf of Council to be ratified in during the general council meeting on 7th, January, 2022.

Also, Senate received, considered and approved the proposed membership of Committees of Senate and these were sent to the Council Chairperson for approval on behalf of Council to be ratified in during the general council meeting on 7th, January, 2022.

It is expected that relevant senate committees will ensure that all the BOD resolutions are implemented under my guidance as the chairperson of senate since they are operational in nature.

I have put in place a mechanism for the university to have control over the courses that can be registered for by students in a given semester by first year students. For continuing students, it is still a challenge because some courses were being pushed forward due to lack of lecturers but together with HODs and Deans, we have started offering those courses after employing full time staff.

The support provided by the BOD chairperson is a clear manifestation of good working relationship with top management which is good for quick decision making. However, if there is a valid reason provided by the staff who failed to submit the results within two weeks, this must be put in writing and the final decision to terminate or not rests with the BOD.

The human resource manual needs serious review and the draft available is not yet comprehensive. This is one of my key priorities to update all the policies and procedures that are outdated because of change in the business environment.

We have done Benchmarking and we have all documentation develop a more comprehensive manual with guidelines on all pertinent issues identified by BOD.

With the recruitment of the Human Resources and Administration officer now under University Secretary, this should be the first priority. Therefore, University Secretary together with Mr. Mersian Turyahebwa has been charged with the responsibility to update the Human Resource manual and it is ongoing.

This is clear demonstration effective delegation that is key in producing results and I will continue to build the team spirit and identify talent among the existing staff.

For example, we received over 50 applications for the human Resource and administrative staff which is a clear demonstration of improved image of UTAMU as a choice employer.

Other documents that need updating is the University strategic plan, the academic manual and many other documents that guide the smooth running of the university will be high on agenda in my term as a vice chancellor.

These activities require senate deliberations and approval and under my leadership, all the systems will be put in place to regulate university operations.

I am optimistic that since the universities are now open, enacting regulations and guidelines that will help us manage e-learning and teaching which was long ago envisioned by UTAMU before even lockdown was put in place will place us on top in Open Distance eLearning in the region.

I am happy that UTAMU championed the e-learning in Uganda using its excellent e-learning platform which I have been able to experience.

I have provided academic leadership by taking up student supervision. I am teaching two courses- Services Marketing and International Marketing in the Business school for January 2022 semester.

I taught these courses and many others at the College of North Atlantic Qatar as a part-time staff for two years and I will use my courses as role model for others to follow. I will be an asset in Graduate research supervision.

This is a demonstration of leading by example which is critical in motivating other senior staff to perform their duties. I am optimistic that with the support and dedication of all staff and university governing bodies, we shall make UTAMU an envious place to experience world class teaching and learning.

A team of Professors of UTAMU.

On Human Resources achievements,

In the short time I have been the acting vice chancellor, I have been able to process the appointments of key staff as follows:

Dr. Okoche John Michael Maxel promoted to the Position of Associate Professor.

Dr. Fred Paul Mark Jjunju appointed as full Professor and Dean of Computer Science and Engineering.

Dr. Joseph Baleke Yiga Lubega was appointed as the Senior Lecturer in the department of Accounting, Economics and Finance and Dean of Business

School and is on probation with effect from January 2nd 2022.

Prof. Zake Muwanga as HOD in the school of Computing and engineering replacing Mary Komunte.

Justine Kiwanuka was moved from Accounts and appointed as an internal auditor with no replacement.

Josephine Nantongo was recruited as Accounts Assistant replacing Jacqueline Nanyonga who resigned in May 2021.

Odele Geofrey recruited as the Custodian/ messenger replacing Isaac Mwesigwa who was terminated in November 2021.

Mr. Lumu Emmanuel Roy Muyingo’s transfer from administrative role of marketing officer to teaching staff as Assistant Lecturer in the department of Business Administration and Management Science with effect from 3rd January 2022.

Dr. Donald Mark Omong was sourced by the Ag. Vice Chancellor and has joined as full time staff at senior lecture level and as replacement for Dr. Lumonya

Daniel head of department for Political, Administrative and Communications

Sciences (PACS).

Marketing strategy for the years 2022 -2024.

It’s important to make sure UTAMU university is advertising across multiple channels.

However, while doing so, it’s imperative to ensure that what we are promoting is suitable for that particular medium. Whichever platform we are using, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, billboards or television adverts, the prospective students will know the kind of content that fits.

Being up-to-date with technology shows that our institution is progressive and ahead of the curve, so thoroughly researching best practices on all social media channels and Promoting only material that’s relevant is the key to success.

In addition, I will consider enlisting our current students on how to effectively market programs they are enrolled into. They’re the best brand ambassadors an institution can have and they will be able to relate to those applying to university on a more personal basis.

UTAMUs’ Facebook page should include videos with current students which offer helpful, personal and empathetic advice to those thinking about embarking on their student career there.

In one of the Business school brain storming session, we identified two types of Strategies as follows:

Traditional strategies

Collaboration with the Kingdoms: In UTAMU Business School we offer Oil and gas programs which would be promoted and marketed in the Albertine Region. This includes Toro and Bunyoro region:

Implementation Plan:

The school had prior arrangements with the prime ministers of the Kingdoms to work together in creating the visibility of the mentioned courses by identifying the students from different districts of the regions to study.

In addition, the request from the kingdoms was that the University may provide half bursaries to the selected Kingdom students since we were focusing on numbers.

Business school also needed to create awareness on the above strategy by presenting to the Kingdom committees and also participating in a talk show on the local radio stations.

Identification of the agents in big towns in the Country: It has been noticed that many towns UTAMU is not yet popular which becomes difficult to get numbers from there.

Implementation Plan:

We plan to sample 20 semi remote districts and identify a contact person/ agent, provide promotional materials to admit students on our behalf. We hope to realize at least 5 students per district and per intake.


Position our adverts to the group relevant target: Business school proposes that there is a need to place the adverts where we can get many students and those students that need the university most.

Implementation Plan

Advertising with local and upcountry radio stations sound appropriate than urban centers because of competition.

In addition, our target group is in upcountry area compared to City centers.

Participating in the University Programs: Since Business School is the final user of some issues, it’s equally important to be engaged when some of the ideas and suggestions are considered especially in marketing budgeting process

Engagement with Somalia and South Sudan:

Every intake we receive at least 5 walk in students from these two countries which shows potential. Therefore, we can identify a contact person from each country and advertise our University.

Collaboration with big institution these are Government Agencies, NGOs, UNDP and other exchange Programs:

This will be achieved by having MOUs with those organizations for them to sponsor some Programs and short courses

Non-Traditional Marketing Strategies.

Effective Use of Social Media: Nowadays a lot of people, both young and old, tend to spend their free time on social media. This would make for a great marketing tactic to use social media for advertising UTAMU and everything that you have to offer.

We can use social media to post content like photos of the campus as well as informative videos about the university. With an engaging and educational video, this can convince our viewers to recommend and check out UTAMU to others.

Building Trust:

Making UTAMU a trustworthy University, we must be able to generate good publicity in order to get the public to trust in our brand. UTAMU needs to partner up with government and legitimate businesses to create a more trustworthy image as well.

What are some of your Goals and strategies for the next 3 years?

In the next three years I intend to:

During the brain storming session with staff in the Business school, we analyzed the existing UTAMU strategic plan. The copy that was obtained on file was developed in 2012 to run for 10 years. This means that its life is ending in 2022. I will lead the updating or developing new strategic plan.

There are general policies and academic policies that need to be developed or updated. I will work with experts to develop new ones.

Existing academic programs need to be reviewed and new one developed. For example, since I came, I spearheaded the development of a short course in digital marketing. We are going to test the market and if it gets popular, it will be developed into Bachelor’s degree within 3 years. The program review will be done in a phased manner and within three years 80% of the existing programs should be re-accredited. The process of curriculum review has already started and I will oversee this process in the next three years to completion. The degree of education will be a priority in 2022.

Increase student enrolment per school. Both traditional and non-traditional strategies as identifies will be applied for all schools. The school of humanities and social sciences is doing this well and the approach used by the dean and HoD Monitoring and evaluation will be benchmarked in other schools.

I expect that when student numbers increase, full time staff recruitment will be increased. If we have strong staff base able to conduct research and supervise students, the completion rate will be high which will create goodwill among students who are likely to keep recommending UTAMU as a choice University.

In order to retain both academic and administrative staff, I will work towards promoting those who qualify and increase salaries across the board. I will closely work with BOD and University Council to realize this goal if the financial stand of the University improves as a result of the strategies already identified.

I will work with senior staff in different schools to identify opportunities for research grants. Encourage and support staff with no PhD’s to register. Through Financial prudence and management, effective ways to collect student fees such using mobile money, partnering with western union in our two banks to dedicate a staff to process remittances by international students to existing university accounts.

To improve corporate image, marketing through social media and other public relations efforts will be intensified.

The general administration will be strengthened by having the heads of Departments and deans of schools trained to be effective in managing academic affairs of the university. This will be in areas of marketing the programs, multitasking and resource mobilization through consultancies in areas such as eLearning, education, innovations, artificial intelligence for development partners.

There is a need to compile institutional profile which would be an asset in marketing UTAMU to funders.

I will make an effort to create strategic partnerships with Local governments, to give us students by offering discounts on fees, partial scholarships.

On legacy, I will improve the way the international journal of technology and management is managed. I am already in touch with the Chief Editor and the submission process for articles needs to be overhauled. I will use my experience as an associate editor to streamline the Journal. In the next three years, all issues should be published with quality articles from our staff and international contributors. The annual ICTM conference will remain high on agenda every year.

For 2022, the conference is already scheduled for 1st -2nd of September with the theme “Harnessing the power of Human factor, science, Technology and innovation for Africa’s competitiveness/ development

In the next 3 years I will strengthen and support the internal audit function to play an oversight role. Institutional audits, support for quality assurance will be streamlined.

Application for a charter will be a priority starting in June 2022. I will work closely with the BOD to work towards developing the infrastructure in UTAMU land in Matugga.

Keeping the existing students satisfied will be key on my agenda for the next three years through;

Encouraging all lecturers to apply pedagogical methods that will engage students across curriculum and inspire learning,

Enhancing faculty and staff continuous professional development,

Increasing completion rates for undergraduate and postgraduate levels,

Require all lecturers to develop a course file with Course information sheet,

Course work tests and assignments questions and their marking guides and results analyzed, Final exam and its marking guide well analyzed both in soft copy and hard copies, Lecturers to input results directly into the student management system.

In your conclusion, what’s that you feel readers should not miss out in this interview?

I would like to note that Uganda Technology And Management University aspires to become a global educational institution for management, science, technology and Innovation and the MIT Africa.

For this to be possible, it needs excellent leadership which I have demonstrated in the two months at the top of management as the Acting Vice Chancellor. I have a proven managerial record in handling academic, administrative and financial affairs of the University.

I have a private sector orientation that has enabled me to integrate business models in the management of the affairs of the University.

I am ready to work towards increasing the University’s resource envelope through engaging with Alumni, lobbying, fundraising and resource mobilization in order to improve on staff welfare, teaching and learning, research and innovations, knowledge transfer partnerships and networking among others.

I will use the existing networks and good will of our staff and students to foster partnerships with different ministries in the Government of Uganda, development partners, donors, alumni, friends of UTAMU and the general public.

I possess international stature credentials and recognitions and I am an eminent Professor in my own discipline.

I have been associated with UTAMU and IJOTM by being on the editorial board and external research examiner and graduate research supervision and now as my employer it gives me more zeal and determination to serve it to the very best of my ability.

As Vice Chancellor, I shall spearhead the provision of innovative teaching, learning, research and services responsive to national and global needs. I am therefore more than willing and able to serve as the next Vice Chancellor of UTAMU (2022-2024) and make UTAMU the leading private institution for academic excellence and innovations in Africa.

For an open mind, I welcome you to be part of this success journey we have started by assessing me positively.

“I am here for a purpose, and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all, and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.” (Og Mandino)

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