Chameleone, Bebe Cool, 6 others sworn in as UNCC board members

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The recent Cabinet-approved members of the Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) Board of Trustees have been sworn in at the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development. Their tenure will span the next three years.

This appointment follows the conclusion of the previous board’s term in June of last year.

The newly appointed board comprises Prof. Okaka Opio as Chairperson, with singer Phina Mugerwa serving as Vice Chairperson. Other members include; Hannington Bugingo, Lillian Mbabazi, Dr. Richard Komakech, Joseph Mayanja (singer Chameleone), Moses Ssali (singer Bebe Cool), and Juliana Naumo.

Phina Masanyalaze is  the Vice President of  Uganda National Cultural Centre. New Vision Photo.

Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool is a member of UNCC

Chameleone, Bebe Cool, 6 others sworn in as UNCC board members

The board, led by Prof. Okaka Opio Dokotum as Chairman.

The Ministry notes that the selection of the new board reflects Uganda’s cultural heritage and demographic diversity, with a notable representation of young people.

Overview of UNCC

The Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) stands as a vital institution within Uganda’s cultural landscape, playing a pivotal role in fostering artistic expression and preserving national heritage. Established under the Uganda National Cultural Centre Act of 1959 (amended 1965), the UNCC has been a beacon of cultural enrichment for decades.

Since its inauguration on December 2, 1959, the UNCC has been entrusted with several key mandates. These include establishing theatres and cultural centers across the nation, nurturing cultural and artistic endeavors, and providing a home for various societies and organizations dedicated to art, culture, and entertainment.



Notably, the late Honourable A.G. Mehta, Mayor of Kampala in 1968, played a pivotal role in supporting the National Theatre and facilitating its early exhibitions.


At the core of the UNCC’s offerings are its two principal components: the National Theatre and the Nommo Gallery.

The National Theatre serves as a versatile venue for stage performances and cinema screenings, catering to diverse artistic expressions.

Management: UNCC Board of Trustees

Guiding the UNCC’s operations is an eight-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Minister of Gender, Labour, and Social Development.


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