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17th February, 2024 – Bryan Morel Publications

Ugandan born fashion model and environmentalist Judith Heard has again registered a major impact beyond the runways and red carpets.

She proudly launched the “50 Million Trees for Africa” campaign in schools through her foundation, Judith Heard Foundation (JHF). This groundbreaking initiative aims to promote sustainable development and ecological awareness among youth, starting with youth institutions across Africa.

At Kasangati High School in Gayaza, Judith planted signature trees as part of the campaign’s kick-start and engaged with students, emphasizing the importance of conserving nature and addressing the challenges posed by climate change. This big vision extends beyond mere education; she envisions a future where every child actively participates in preserving the environment. By instilling a sense of responsibility and appreciation for nature in the next generation, Judith believes we all can pave the way for a more sustainable and harmonious coexistence with the planet.

She then moved to the Kasangati Town Council community where she met with the Local Government Leaders and monitored the thousands of trees she planted there a year ago.


According to Muhumuza Brian a publicist at Bryan Morel Publications, ‘’Judith is passionate about what she does. Today she is focused on a call-to-action mobilization where we are open to partner with heads of governments, leaders, international organizations, civil society activists and the general public to bring this afforestation movement to life — It’s possible to attain a greener world by 2050. It tasks all of our families, friends and acquaintances, within our homesteads, neighborhoods, name it.’’


The JHF “50 Million Trees for Africa Campaign in Schools” seeks to cultivate environmentally conscious leaders and drive social and environmental solutions for a brighter future, starting at the educational grassroots. This visionary project addresses deforestation and climate change and aims to create green spaces that serve as educational hubs for environmental stewardship.


Key Components of the Campaign


The campaign will kick off with comprehensive educational workshops in participating schools, educating students on the importance of trees in combating climate change. The Foundation looks to have this curriculum integrated into existing academic structures, ensuring that environmental sustainability becomes an integral part of students’ learning experience. Other elements include tree planting events with local communities, and technology integration for tracking the growth and impact of planted trees. The foundation aims to integrate environmental sustainability into students’ learning experiences and foster a sense of responsibility and community engagement.


Judith Heard and Green Carpet Fashion Awards

This comes with reliable confirmation that Judith is among the few dignitaries invited and set to be honored at Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Los Angeles on 6th March, 2024. The event, co-chaired by influential figures like Livia Firth, Cate Blanchett, and Zendaya, celebrates young leaders driving climate and social action. Judith’s outstanding contributions serve as an inspiration, conveying a powerful message of hope and empowerment as she steps into Hollywood’s GCFA Awards.


The Green Carpet Fashion Awards is a celebration of young leaders, drawn from political, social and environmental hotspots across the planet, who are driving climate and social action unites the power of fashion and entertainment for positive transformation, championing interconnected cultural change and the most inspiring efforts that drive it.


About Judith Heard

As Miss Environment Africa and the Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment in Uganda, Judith Heard effortlessly combines beauty with a profound sense of purpose and social impact while challenging the world to recognize the urgency of environmental action.


Her success story in advocacy against sexual assault, empowerment of the girl child, and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and cancer, has previously been documented by reputable media outlets like BBC, CNN, and Euronews.

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