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Kawempe , Kampala-Uganda.


“There is need to maintain and regularly be cautious of the sanitation of Kawempe Division” Olivia Magulu told residents while launching Tweyonje competition in Kawempe Division.

Kawempe division residents cautioned on proper disposal of garbage in their areas citing negative outcomes not limited to outbreak of related diseases like Cholera and others adding to blockage of the drainage channels that may lead to flooding in the area.

Residents of Kawempe Division  during a Keep your self clean  (Weyonje) Campaign.

Speaking at the launch of the “KCCA DIVISIONAL WEYONJE COMPETITION” in Kawempe held at Jambula zone in Bwaise B electoral area, Olivia Magulu, the representative of Kawempe Division Town Clerk advised that residents to adopt proper ways of managing wastes like sorting them to enable proper collection and disposal by the garbage collection companies contracted to clean the division.

She stressed that in the past, residents in Kawempe Division have been reluctant on these matters which made it hard to manage waste in the area as a result, much costs towards that incurred and to flooding of the area especially here.

Residents of Kawempe Division  during a Keep your self clean  (Weyonje) Campaign.Courtesy Photo.

Nankya Ruth the Bwaise B1 area councilor to the division has applauded the locals for embracing the calling by the division authority and involve directly into the activity of cleaning their mighty area and calls them upon to maintain this even after the competitions because life has to continue.


 A worker of KCCA does cleaning   during a Keep your self clean  (Weyonje) Campaign.Courtesy Photo.

Katende Yokana, the Buganda Kingdom “Bulungi Bwansi” representative in Kyadondo constituency who advised the residents to not only use these competitions to clean up their areas but to also use it as an avenue of making some money by gathering plastic wastes and sell them to plastic making companies which are present in their Kawempe area.

Olivia Magulu  who  was representing the town Clerk Of Kawempe Division Ssempa Moses.

In the bid to achieve the “Clean city” vision, the Kampala Capital City Authority started the idea of “DIVISIONAL WEYONJE COMPETIONS” that happen once a year starting way back in 2019. For this year, the same competitions will be climaxed on 15th,December this year by awarding the most performing Division in the different activities organized by the KCCA.

Katende Yokaana taking to Journalists.

Nankya Ruth,Councillor Bwaise B.

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