Kasangati RDC nearly exchanges blows with SSOBI on land matters in Katalemwa, Matugga.

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By Julius Mugaga/KMA Updates.

New Kasangati Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Yasin Ndidde collides with Ssobi whose full name is Paddy Sserunjoji in Katalemwa in Matugga where he had gone to intermediate land wrangles on Plot 32, Block 90.

Notorius  Ssobbi explains    a point to RDC  Yasin Ndidde (R).Courtesy Photo.

Of recent, Dr. Robinah Najjemba ran to RDC Ndidde requesting him to rescue her from people unknown to her who use office of the President to grab her 7 acre land located on plot 32 Block 90 Katalemwa in Matugga, Kyadondo.

Notorius  Ssobbi explains    a point to RDC  Yasin Ndidde (R).Courtesy Photo.

Yesterday morning, the RDC headed to this land that is said to have erupted wrangles after receiving news from Dr. Robinah Najjemba that there were people who used disguised absolute power to force her out of this land including destroying of houses from where she used to rear pigs and chicken.

Notorius  Ssobbi  (R)  exchanges with RDC  Yasin Ndidde (L).Courtesy Photo.

On arrival, Ndidde was received with joy from the resident who had for long decried land grabbers in the area. He came along with his security guards who interfaced with the mercenaries led by Ssobi who laid barricades to resist the him from accessing the fenced area where they had grabbed already.

Notorius  Ssobbi explains    a point to  a Police Officer.Courtesy Photo.

Besides the tight security around the RDC, it did not stop Ssobi from uttering words at the top of his voice towards the him adding to direct him to leave the area saying the one they’re working for whom the said “Hajji” bought the land and has full ownership of it.

RDC  Yasin Ndidde (L) explains a point.Courtesy Photo.

Ndidde abrogated Ssobi’s orders and sought to end to understand what is done inside which erupted the hard talk between the two. However, Ssobi bragged on the RDC and threatening him to loss his office if he continues his invasion.

 RDC’s security was alert on what would happen next as residents looked on asking themselves where Ssobi gets powers to bind the President’s representative from executing his duties.

 The RDC toughened saying come rain or shine he must enter and establish what is taking place inside the fenced area and at the end Ssobi gave up thereby allowing the RDC and the Officer in Charge of Matugga Police to access the premises not allowing the residents and journalists though at the end allowed journalists to enter and cover the proceedings.

 Inside the premises, Ssobi had his bodyguards as the RDC had his security guards. Journalists were inhibited from covering some of the destroyed property as Ssobi continued to threaten the RDC on the matters of the same land.

  Ndidde directed Ssobi to inform his bosses not to dare do any other thing on the land not until the Courts of law rule on the supreme owner of it.

 At getting out of the premises, the RDC addressed the residents who remained outside of what transpired inside asking them to remain calm and asked Dr. Robinah who tabled these issues to him that should inform the whole village of what has happened.

 In her speech, Robinah told the residents that she acquired this land in 1997, from Steven Paul Magero who also had bought it from the children of Kabalu and when they investigated it was found that it was theirs and in 2017, they changed the land title to Dr. Wilson Milton Were and Dr. Wilson Najjemba.

 But the two stay abroad in many cases and while there, they started receiving calls from residents and their relatives that they were receiving threats from the family of Lawrence Kakakande helped by the so called government icons.

Najemba wonders for long they have stayed on this land without anyone disturbing them doing different developmental things on it adding to drilling a borehole which residents have been using for many years not leaving extending electricity in the area.

 She also showed her discomfort with some offices which have not helped he3r like that of the chairperson of the area and others as well asking Minister for Lands Judith Nabakooba and President Museveni to caution people who poorly use their offices to grab people’s property especially those that are helpless.

 Residents who were bitterly angry called on the relevant authorities to secure justice for Dr. Najjemba for she had helped them especially the borehole where they usually fetch water.

 In our hunt for those claiming to be the owners of the land, we met Lawrence Kakande’s grandson who neglected the allegation saying we should ask the grandfather but we could not access him even when we decided to call him, someone else picked.




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