President Ruto Reduces Government Advisors By Half

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In a decisive move to streamline government operations and reduce expenditure, President William Ruto announced on Friday that he will cut the number of government advisors by half.

This significant decision is aimed at enhancing efficiency within the public service and is to be implemented immediately.

“The number of advisors in government shall be reduced by 50 within the public service with immediate effect,” President Ruto declared during his State of the Nation address.

This reduction is part of a broader strategy by the President to eliminate unnecessary government expenditure and improve service delivery.

In addition to reducing the number of advisors, President Ruto unveiled a plan to dissolve 47 government corporations that have overlapping and duplicating functions.

He stated that the staff from these corporations will be reassigned to different entities within the government, ensuring that their expertise is retained while reducing operational costs.

“Forty-seven corporations with overlapping and duplicating functions will be dissolved, resulting in the elimination of their operational and maintenance costs. Their functions will be integrated into the respective line ministries,” Ruto explained.

This consolidation aims to eliminate redundancy, streamline government functions, and enhance coordination within the public service.

By integrating the functions of these corporations into line ministries, the government hopes to achieve more coherent and efficient service delivery.

President Ruto has vowed to remain steadfast in his resolve to reform the public sector.

Ruto’s address came in the backdrop of a widespread uproar from Kenyans who complained over a myriad of issues ranging from corruption, and executive expenditure to unscrupulous state officers.

The Head of State promised to hold conversations with the youth, listen to their grievances and address them.

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