Breaking News: Ruto Directs Immediate Retirement of Government Employees Aged 60 and Above

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President William Ruto on Friday directed government employees who have attained the age of sixty years and above to immediately proceed to retirement.

The Head of State while addressing the press at State House in Nairobi, ordered the said officers to vacate office without further extension of the deadline.

“Henceforth, public servants who attain the retirement age of 60 years shall be required to immediately proceed with retirement,” President Ruto directed.

“They are directed to do this with no extensions to their tenure of service,” he added.

The president also announced the suspension of the positions of the Chief Administrative Positions (CAS).

President Ruto further notified Kenyans to brace for more radical changes within the government.

According to Ruto, the above decisions were part of the austerity measures taken by the government following the withdrawal of the defunct Finance Bill 2024.

“These measures will be followed by changes in government that I shall be announcing,” Ruto stated.

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