Happy New Month of October dear CEOs, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs!

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Hon. Betty Amongi Akena – The Minister of Gender Labour & Social Development in picture; right) was comfortable handing over, the Mahogany -framed, Business-Trends- Pace-setters’  Accolade to him in recognition of the great role.

We have ended the month of September with the sad news of the demise of one of the men who shaped the direction of my Life.*Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi*. As a Sales and Marketing manager at DEHEZI International Ltd, I was exposed to computer hardware, software, Google and instant computer messaging as early as August 2000. Thanks to that role, which ushered me to my first officially registered company; *ZION INFORMATICS LTD, with two equally enthusiastic friends on this platform*????.

Please permit me to quote *Irene Birungi Mugisha’s book, The CEO in you. A change maker*; _”When someone opens the door for you, you cannot continue to depend on their auspices to maintain your position after walking through that door”_…In short, Dr. Kigiyingi opened the door for me and I moved in; but nosed around for the windows and ventilators to be the *first indigenous company to import Micro flash disks more known as USB flash drives or memory sticks today, even before the industry leader, then; KAZINGA CHANNEL had thought about it*. (More details on that is on TALES of TRENDS. Coming up to your TV and Radio soon).  May Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi’s soul rest in eternal peace and may God/Allah pardon where he erred and comfort his family.

In this week’s *Business Trendsetters’ insight, BTI 00137*, I will extract something from *BTI 0039 dated December 6th 2020*, in which we appreciated and recognized, 2020 Pace Setter Dr. Peter Kimbowa, The current board chairman of NSSF, Uganda, one of the only organizations that has supported the Business Trendsetters’ mission; *_To identify, recognize and promote innovative leaders who transform and continuously impact society in a meaningful and positive way_* over the years.

That this has come at a time when we are celebrating the life of fallen cardiac Surgeon Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi, 75 (RIP) I will begin by letting you, the trendsetter reading this know that Dr. Peter Kimbowa, the Director IFE Consults, the brain behind CEO Summit,  The Founder of the CEO Apprenticeship Programme in collaboration with Strathmore Business School and University of Cape Town,  The Co-Founder of the LEAGUE OF EAST AFRICAN DIRECTORS, The Co-Founder of the International Coaching Federation (Uganda Chapter) and has been a board member of several organizations including ESKOM, Equity Bank, Baylor College of Medicine, happened to have been the board Chairman, Board of Directors of Uganda Funeral Services (UFS), the first Funeral Directors in East Africa  where, I consulted as Marketing Director in 2015.  Again he ‘ _opened the door for me_’ into this short but very instrumental role, where, I over saw the laying to rest of the late Aronda Nyakayirima, The late Mzee John Mulumba Luswata, father to the Nnabagereka and my inlaw on other fronts, as well as The late, Tecla Kinalwa (one of the longest serving permanent secretaries) among others.

Today the fear of death is NO MORE. It is a celebration of LIFE! Thanks to that exposure with UFS!

*Coach Dr. Peter Kimbowa! Yes!  the 2020 Business Trends pace-setter* was named one of the most fabulous coaching leaders in February 2020 by the World Human Resource Development (HRD) Congress.  Frankly, in Dr. P.K’s honor, I can comfortably testify that with a novitiate  of *MTN super dealers, in 2009* I was introduced to true business development expertise, when Dr. Kimbowa introduced us to “*the first 100days,first 100 customers*” concept.

Thank you Dr. Kimbowa  for being a source of inspiration to CEOs, Business Leaders and entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, this week at the NSSF AMM2023, I saw him lead the team to the first ever Environmental Social and Governance report (ESG) adding yet another ‘FIRST on his
long list of FIRST-EVERS’…It is no surprise that  Hon. Betty Amongi Akena – The Minister of Gender Labour & Social Development in picture; right) was comfortable handing over, the Mahogany -framed, Business-Trends- Pace-setters’  Accolade to him in recognition of the great role.

We can only echo the fact that he is Visionary, Vigilant, Virtuous and often a Victorious Leader that many of us continue to look up to.

The Holy Bible Says in *Proverbs 29:18* that “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (v.18, KJV).
See? a vision is neither a plan nor a goal! It is not even a desired outcome or objective. Instead, as Kotler P(2006) puts it, “serves the purpose of stating what an organization wishes to achieve in the long run” therefore a vision reflects God’s standpoint given to humanity.

The Holy Quran says that “No vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is over all vision.*He (Allah) is the Subtle, the Aware, Al-Quran: 6-Surah AL-AN’AM – Ayat 103*

Great Leaders must be ‘Vigilant’. They ought to watch all stakeholders and related incidents with a vigilant eye. No opportunity ever came to a leader that lacked vigilance or clarity of vision! Therefore, seizing every passing opportunity and watching progress with a vigilant eye is a vital tenet of great leaders! Which Dr. PK hones.

May you live longer to continue to witness success from the many of us you have impacted and keep impacting. May you continue to trigger trends through cross-mentorship and direct inspiration with fresh dreams, knowing that for trendsetters, the sky is NOT the limit!

Special regards to you, *CEOs, Business Leaders and entrepreneurs* in the *“elders league”* on this *International Day of Older Persons; the Senior Citizen* especially those of you, including my father, *Abraham Nalwebe(PhD)* who are celebrating it in this weather in Kyegegwa District.

*Happy Independence Month of October, 2023*

Yvonne Mpanga

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