KAMPALA, UGANDA. National Rally Championship is back with drivers each optimistic to take the mantle.

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By Julius Mugaga /KMA Updates

Rajiv Ruparelia, one of the Motor Sport drivers with the young Star  Singer Fresh Kid.Photo by Julius Mugaga.

MOSAC in Partnership with Victoria University and Premier Recruitment  12th November 2021 launched the 7th Edition of the Federation of Motorsport Uganda (FMU) National Rally Championship 2020/2021 dubbed Sexy Speed Rally.

This will to take place on the 26th -27th November 2021 in Jinja City, Eastern Uganda.

One of the Cars to Participate in the upcoming National Rally Championship in Jinja City. Photo by Julius Mugaga/KMA Updates.

Dipu Ruparelia, the FMU President said this is going to be a Video or Scientific event because  fans will not be allowed there .

He noted that there  has been  serious  effects on the Sport because  of  coronavirus but believes it will thrive as the economy is opening fully at the beginning of next year as people will freely be allowed to watch it.

Mr. Dipu Ruparelia, the President Of Federation of Motor Sport Uganda. Photo by Julius Mugaga/KMA Updates.

In this edition, MOSAC has unveiled Premier recruitment LTD which injected 20,000,000Million Ugx and Victoria University investing 15,000,000Million Ugx all part of the Ruparelia Group.

Dr. Muganga, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University & Niram from Premier Recruitment handover dammy  Cheques amounting to 35 Million Uganda Shillings in total to MOSAC. Photo by Julius Mugaga.

  A team from  Premier Recruitment led by Niram hands over  a dammy Cheque amounting to 35 Million Uganda Shillings in total to MOSAC. Photo by Julius Mugaga.

Speaking during the event, Prof. Dr. Lawrence Muganga, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University highlighted that this sport is in  hand in hand with passion and education, its why we’re on board to partner with the event.

Dr. Lawrence Muganga,the Vice Chancellor Of Victoria University delivers his remarks during the event.Photo by Julius Mugaga.

University Students  are seen during the event.Photo by Julius Mugaga.

Beyendera Frank, the President of  Motorsport Africa Club (MOSAC) has assured all stakeholders in the upcoming event of the value for their involvement and the best to the supporters.

Beyendera Frank, President Of Motor Sport Africa Clubs(Mosac).Photo by Julius Mugaga.

Rajiv Ruparelia-son to tycoon  Dr.Sudhir Ruparelia, a renowned VW Motorsport driver has showed optimism towards winning the event.

He says, his dream is driving for the uplift of the sport and it’s on this point that he asked the FMU to lay more strategies to effect this.

Rajiv speaking during the event. Photo by Julius Mugaga.

Conclusively, Herbert Rutagwera the events Manager explained that all  is set for the event to take place and assured partners of the readability of people of Jinja City and Eastern Region as well.

Herbert Rutagwera, the  events Manager. Photo by Julius Mugaga.

Rajiv  Ruparelia chats with Musician Ykee Benda.Photo by Julius Mugaga.

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