Deputy Speaker receives Commonwealth Games Baton

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Parliament has received and transmitted the Commonwealth Games Baton relay, with Deputy Speaker Anita Among leading Vice President Jessica Alupo, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and a multitude of MPs to receive the baton.

Receiving the baton is a 33 year old tradition that precedes the commencement of the Commonwealth Games, with the next due in Birmingham from July 28 to 8 August 2022.

The Deputy Speaker, Anita Among, receiving the Commonwealth Games Baton at Parliament.

Flanked by Vice President H.E. Jessica Alupo, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, Ministers and MPs, Deputy Speaker Among welcomed the relay and promised Parliament’s participation in the games.

“We are happy to welcome the Commonwealth Games Baton relay to the Pearl of Africa; it is an exciting moment for the legislature and the country. We are already clearing places where trophies and medals [from the upcoming games] will be stored,” she said.

Dr Donald Rukare, the Chairman of the National Council of Sports, handed the baton to Among.

The baton is meant to relay through the entire 72 nations of the Commonwealth, back to England to mark the commencement of the games.

According to Buckingham 2022 official website, the baton is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and will capture data and stories from across the Commonwealth. It features LED lighting and a heart rate sensor that display the heartbeats of Batonbearers.

“The lighting also changes when two people grip the Baton during handover, celebrating collaboration and the sharing of wisdom between young and old. In a time where human contact has been limited, the Baton addresses how connections matter more than ever,” it states.



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