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Terrorism as “any act of violence or threat of violence carried out for purposes of influencing government or an international organization, or intimidating the public and for a political, religious, social and economic aim, indiscriminately without due regard to the safety of others or property”.

Terrorism manifests in form of Bombings, assassinations, Kidnaps, hostage taking, hijack, arson, poisoning, armed attacks etc., aiming at intimidating and coercing the population as well as undermining government.

As a member of the public, you are the first line of defense and you can prevent
terrorism by doing the following

1. Your eyes are the best weapon against terrorism. If you see anything suspicious, inform your immediate local authority or call the police on the counter number of your local Police, OR, Toll free numbers; 112, 999, 0800199699, 080012229.

2. Be alert and aware of your surrounding environment.

3. Be aware of conspicuous or unusual behavior

4. If travelling by public means, ensure that everybody on board is checked, take interest in unattended luggage and take cognizance of unusual behavior of fellow passengers or anything unusual. Emphasize identification of persons and luggage.

5. Do not accept packages from strangers

6. Do not leave luggage unattended

7. While in any enclosed places, find out where emergency exits and stair cases are located and think ahead about how to evacuate from a building, or congested public area.

8. Take interest in the safety of your neighborhood and in knowing our neighbors well including what they do.

9. Always inspect your house/workplace for signs of illegal entry, storage and suspicious objects.

10.Do not allow cleaners and service providers to enter and work in your workplace or residence without supervision.

11.Empty garbage bins/dustbins at regular intervals and put away all equipment not in use.

12.Don t allow visitors to your home/office to have free access to all areas

13.Keep all residential, work and public spaces neat and tidy as much as possible. This helps you to spot any out of place” object which may possibly be a bomb or other dangerous objects.

14.Ensure proper lighting in offices/homes and public spaces.

15.Emphasize identification of persons in homes and any public place

16.Conduct background checks on house helpers and company employees

17.Local councils should register all residents and visitors

18.Business community especially fuel dealers, mobile money agents to be
on lookout for unusual transactions.

19.Hold regular village meetings do discus security of the community

20.Install CCTV Cameras in apartments, hotels, workplaces, places of worship and residences.

AIGP Asan Kasingye

Chief Political Commissar-UPF

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