Coronavirus: UAE records fewer than 100 cases in one day

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The UAE reported 99 new coronavirus cases and 153 recoveries on Sunday.

It is the first time daily cases have dropped to below 100 since March 31 last year.

Officials said two people died in the past 24 hours from complications.

The country has recorded 738,586 cases, 732,296 recoveries and 2,120 deaths since the first Covid-19 case was detected in the Emirates on January 29 last year.

Widespread testing and tracing, stringent safety measures and a high vaccination rate have been credited for bringing down daily infections.

Cases have dropped now to below 100 after reaching close to 4,000 a day in January.

An additional 317,254 tests were conducted over the 24-hour period, bringing to 89,302,626 the total number carried out since the beginning of the outbreak.

Elsewhere, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mosque in Makkah has started receiving pilgrims at full capacity, with workers removing social distancing information around the mosque.

The kingdom removed the requirement to wears masks and observe social distancing in open spaces on Sunday, after a decline in the number of coronavirus infections, the official Saudi press agency reported.

Saudi Arabia reopened its borders to travellers in May this year.

Qatar’s Cabinet also announced the easing of Covid-19 restrictions at the end of September, as daily cases continue to drop.

Mask regulations in Qatar no longer apply to outdoor activities, except during organised public events, markets and exhibitions.

They must still be worn on mosque, school, hospital and university premises, as well as at all public indoor areas.

Updated: October 17th 2021, 1:12 PM
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