Western Togoland leader Papavi reported dead

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The leader of the separatist group in the Volta Region, Homeland Study Foundation, is reported dead.

Charles Komi Kudzordzi, popularly known as Papavi, is said to have died on Friday, October 15, at the Keta Government Hospital.

He is believed to be 88 years old.

Before his demise, Papavi and his group were demanding the secession of the erstwhile Western Togoland, which includes parts of the Oti and Volta regions as well as some parts of the North-East Region, from Ghana.

He was subsequently arrested for treason together with some of his members but later granted bail due to old age and health issues.

Western Togoland brouhaha

In September 2020, the leadership of the group organised a riot and blocked two major roads at Juapong and attacked drivers at State Transport Corporation.

On September 25, the group dressed in Western Togoland T-shirts and armed with guns and cutlasses, went amok and blocked roads. They burnt lorry tyres in the middle of the roads and prevented people from accessing it as well as raided police stations at Mepe, Aveyime and other parts of the Volta region.

Mr Kudzordzi, aka Papavi, following the incident called on government to step up investigations to fish out persons behind recent attacks on state installations and personnel in the Volta Region.

About 31 people were earlier arrested and flown to the offices of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) office in Accra for questioning about happenings in the region.

Later, news broke that a total of about 51 alleged secessionists were arrested for their involvement in the riot. But in November, 22 out of the 51 alleged secessionists were discharged by an Accra Circuit Court.

Nene Kwaku Agblorm II aka Joshua Tawiah Agblorm, a traditional ruler, and 28 others were charged with conspiracy, Treason felony, to participate in a campaign of a prohibited organisation namely, Western Togoland, conspiracy to cause unlawful damage, rioting with weapons, and causing unlawful damage.

The accused include Ernest Kpevu, Devine Seddoh, Bright Klutse, Salasi Gbagagbo, Gilbert Nyazinyo, Benjamin Gbagagbo, Felix Sosa, Lawrance Nyaziyor, Excel Liberty Aheto, Kuegbe Sika, Devine Nyazinyo, and Godwin Awudza.

The rest are William Amenyor, Agbemayah Dotse, Louis Nyazinyo, Mawulolor Ahorgble,  Fiave Joeffery, George Akuweti, Noah Ahiatorga, Samuel Gbolomo, Raphael Tetevi, James Nanewortor,  Abednego Dzreke Mawuenya, Emmanuel Hayford Afedor, Isaac Kwesi Afeku, Richard Adri, Prosper Avumenyi, John Kobla Gbedemah and Stephen Asime.

But the prosecution’s case was that Charles Kormi Kudzordzi popularly known as Papavi is the leader who had trained about 200 youth to take up arms to fight for their struggle.

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