Glamour as fashion icon Orie Rogo Manduli is laid to rest

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Pomp, glamour and fashion was witnessed at the late Orie Rogo Manduli’s funeral.

Nearly all the attendees, more so ladies, wore the now famous Manduli scarf in remembrance of the lady of many firsts credited with only failing to clinch the Ford Kenya senatorial bid in 2013.

Her daughter Janice Rogo brought the funeral to laughter after narrating how one day the late dropped her headgear at Jomo Kenyatta airport after an altercation with a foreign journalist for taking her photo with the headgear falling after being locked out by sliding doors at the airport.

“We had broken protocol by going to the arrivals section and as we were waiting for my elder sister engineer Elizabeth Rogo to embark from the plane from the USA a white journalist took our photo and hell broke loose with my mother making all drama until her headgear fell over,” Janice said.

Some attendees who spoke Kafuraha Media said they wore the dress code to honour the lady who wore a big headgear.

“I choose to wear this headgear to honour our fallen fashionista and this pink headgear is the same as worn by the late in her coffin,” Margret Wanjala said.

Others say they wore it in solidarity with the woman leadership, adding that the late was recognised with the headgear.

“I came out from the house and remembered had not worn the headgear and had to head back to get it,” Lucy Wamalwa said.

Kiminini Mp Chris Wamalwa recalled with nostalgia how Manduli cherished her head gears.

“No day have i ever seen her without the trademark headgear,” Wamalwa said.

On his speech read by Rift Valley regional commissioner George Natembeya, President Uhuru Kenyatta eulogised the late as a trade setter for African attire including her love for vitenge headgear, and she will be missed in the fashion industry.

Some attendees say they will wear the headgear to keep her spirit burning and promote the dress code.

Manduli was laid to rest clad in her usual huge headgear and kitenge wear in her Tondorie estate in Machewa area, Trans Nzoia County.

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