Anti-poaching Unit Mourns Officer Killed By Bull Elephant

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Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VFAPU) officials say they are struggling to come to terms with the death of a long-serving officer who was killed by a stray elephant on Friday.

Clever Kapandura (51) was trampled to death by the elephant near the Victoria Falls City Council-owned Bonnaise Air bush during a morning patrol.

The wife of VFAPU founder Charles Brightman, Teddy Brightman, told VicFallsLive that the organisation and Kapandura’s family were working on burial arrangements. She said:


He was a very good friend of ours and we had been working together for 30 years, so we are very saddened about his passing and my husband is struggling quite a lot with his death.

I hope on Monday he will be able to talk as everyone is trying to come to terms with his death right now.

What is more (painful) is that he left behind a small baby, his wife who can’t even speak.

He was a very respectable man in the community and we are working on the funeral arrangements with his family.

So when it’s a good time, we will like to talk to you about his works, but it’s tough for us.

An eyewitness told the publication that Kapandura was attacked within a short space of time, which made it difficult for him to escape.


The jumbo reportedly crushed his head, arms and legs in the vicious attack.


Kapandura was pronounced dead on the scene by an Ace Ambulance Services crew.

Lovemore Ndlovu said the bull elephant was put down around the Aerodrome area about five hours after the tragic incident after a helicopter was dispatched to track it.

Source:Anti-poaching Unit Mourns Officer Killed By Bull Elephant – ZimGazette

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