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Mothers Union Buganda has always  joined the clergy who visit different places of work to:  Create awareness on health, financial literacy and embracing government programmes, pray for these people, help them learn how to do their businesses, empower them mainly the women and the young people in those markets so that they can know that  markets are not worst areas of work but places that help others get food for their homes.

Mothers Union Buganda President Mrs. Kasaato, Training and Research leaders visited Kasubi Market with Rev. Dr. Enoch  Kimanje to pray for these people, ensure they empower them, visit their places of work, teach them practices of working together in harmony and helping others do the best in their work. They also encouraged them to join government programs that can help them get capital like parish development model (PDM), Develop SACCOs with in the markets and ensure they can get some money to grow their businesses, balance time for work and time for their families.

The trainer and researcher for Mothers Union Buganda Mrs. Catherine Kimanje, highlighted the challenges of the market people i.e.  Gender based violence, Financial illiteracy, Poor saving culture, Little or even no Capital especially among the young people, disease infections etc.

One of the ways that can sustain a family is working_ Mrs. Kasaato told the traders in Kasubi Market.

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