Liberia’s president Joseph Boakai cuts his salary by 40%

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Liberia’s President Joseph Boakai has announced a 40% salary reduction in an effort to set an example of responsible governance and show solidarity with Liberians.

The BBC quoted his office as saying that the decision reflects his commitment to addressing the country’s economic challenges and promoting transparency in government spending.

President Boakai’s annual salary, which was previously $13,400 (approximately Ksh.1.7 million), will be reduced to $8,000. (Ksh.1.025M).

This initiative responds to growing public dissatisfaction with the rising cost of living, with roughly one in every five Liberians living on less than $2 per day.

The salary cut is also seen as a continuation of the efforts of Boakai’s predecessor, George Weah, who implemented a 25% salary reduction during his tenure.

While some citizens have applauded President Boakai’s decision, others are sceptical, pointing out that the president still receives substantial benefits such as a daily allowance and comprehensive medical insurance.

In addition to reducing his salary, President Boakai has promised to empower Liberia’s Civil Service Agency to ensure fair compensation for public employees.

This commitment follows recent complaints from lawmakers about not receiving their official vehicles, prompting them to protest by arriving at parliament in tuk-tuks, also known as keh keh.

President Boakai, who took office in January after defeating George Weah in a runoff election, has made combating corruption and financial mismanagement top priorities for his administration.

Since taking office, he has declared his assets and ordered an audit of the presidential office, but the results have yet to be released.

He has also strengthened the General Auditing Commission and Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Commission.

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