Etania fired from NRG Radio over indiscipline

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Netizens react to Forever Etania’s ‘harsh’ contract with NRG Radio. Netizens took to X to react to the termination letter of Forever Etania from NRG Radio, highlighting that her contract prohibits her from working with a competitor for a year.

Edith Ndagire, better known as Forever Etania, has been dismissed from NRG Radio due to indiscipline, according to a termination letter reviewed by this reporter.

Forever Etania was among the first presenters to join the Clement Hill-based radio station. She had already made a name as an emcee and TV host, having worked with NTV Uganda.

Today’s news of her firing shocked many, but the biggest surprise was the contract clause.

“Business contracts are really hard. What do you mean I am prohibited from working with your competitors for a year after leaving?” a commenter on X said, to which another responded: “The clause can be challenged in courts of law. It goes against rules of natural justice, especially after termination.”

Another said: “One of the practical challenges is that the case would most likely be disposed of after a year!”

Said another: “But such contracts are legal… they can, however, be challenged in the courts of law depending on how harsh the contract is and also on grounds of Article 40, her economic rights’.

“As discussed, dignity and mutual respect are core, uncompromisable values at NRG. After our conversation, we believe that the best way forward for all parties involved is to terminate your services with NRG,” reads the letter sent to her on July 1.

“This is the final decision as part of the company’s disciplinary process following the conclusion of your performance improvement plan. You are entitled to your salary until 3rd July. Please return all company property, including IDs and laptop, to the Human Resources office on the same date.”

According to the letter, she is prohibited from taking a job with a company that competes with NRG Radio.

“Human Resource will provide you with a detailed letter outlining your full compensation details. Please bear in mind that you signed a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement, and as such, you are prohibited from working with competitors for a year or revealing business information to any other parties during this period. We wish you the best of luck.”

NRG Radio, which is based on Clement Hill in Kampala, is one the newest radio stations in the city and its mother company is in Kenya.

At the station, Etania presented an evening show. The company did not share details on why it fired her.

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