Boy arrested with gun in Nakaseke

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Police in Nakaseke District are investigating circumstances under which a 17-year-old bags vendor at Mukwano Arcade in Kampala unlawfully obtained a gun.

The vendor was arrested at Mabanga village, Kyanuna parish, Namayumba Sub County, at the border of Wakiso and Nakaseke Districts.

His arrest came after a concerned resident of Seggalye village in Semuto Sub County, Nakaseke District, alerted Semuto Police Station about a suspicious individual moving with a gun in the vicinity. 
According to Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sam Twiineamazima, the Savanna Regional Police Spokesperson, detectives responded promptly to the call, which was made at around 11:30 am on Friday, and managed to arrest the teen who was discovered carrying a gun with three rounds of ammunition.
The suspect who is said to be a resident of Rubaga Division in Kampala, was found in possession of a gun registration number PSO 4000390-11007. Upon arrest, it was discovered that he had allegedly received the firearm on June 25, 2024, from a colleague, also working at Mukono Arcade in Kampala. The reasons behind the transfer of the gun remain undisclosed and are part of the ongoing inquest.
He is currently being held at Nakaseke Central Police Station with plans underway to transfer him to Kampala Metropolitan North for further investigations.
ASP Twiineamazima emphasized the importance of community involvement in maintaining safety and order. 
“This arrest could not have been made without the alertness and quick reporting by the concerned citizen. We commend her for her courage and urge all citizens to emulate such responsible behavior,” stated ASP Twineamazima.
The police continue to urge all citizens to remain alert and report any suspicious activities, reinforcing their commitment to ensuring safety and maintaining public order.

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