Gulu’s Lukodi Massacre: Survivors Seek Government Aid

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Survivors of the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) massacre in Lukodi Village, located in Bungatira Sub-County, Gulu District, have issued an appeal to the government to provide additional support beyond the reparations mandated by the International Criminal Court (ICC) earlier this year.

Lukodi is among the four case locations central to Dominic Ongwen’s trial, along with Pajule, Odek, and Abok.

During the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the attack on Sunday, May 19, 2024, survivors recounted the harrowing events that transpired, resulting in numerous fatalities, injuries, displacement, and extensive destruction of property by the marauding rebels.

The memorial service was held at the Lukodi massacre memorial site in Lukodi Village, drawing a sizable crowd that included survivors from various locations, local and political leaders, cultural representatives, and members of civil society organizations.

Felix Okello, a survivor of the massacre, appealed for government assistance, revealing the substantial losses suffered during the attack, including the loss of livestock and agricultural produce. He expressed dissatisfaction with the 750 Euros allocated under the ICC’s Trust Fund for Victims, considering it inadequate to address the magnitude of the survivors’ needs.

Wilfred Lalobo, Chairperson of the Lukodi Survivors’ Association, highlighted the plight of over 3,000 survivors from Lukodi alone, lamenting that many are not included in the list of beneficiaries set to receive funds from the Trust Fund for Victims.

In addition to the survivors’ appeal, Evelyn Amony, a survivor of the Pagak Massacre, urged the government to extend support to those excluded from the ICC beneficiaries’ list. Amony emphasized the strain faced by civil society organizations in providing assistance to LRA survivors, emphasizing the necessity for government intervention.

The memorial event received support from the Foundation for Justice and Development Initiatives (FJDI), an organization dedicated to promoting transitional justice.

Lutada Ojara, Chairman of Bungatira Sub-County, pledged to allocate funds for the Lukodi Massacre memorial service in the upcoming fiscal year, ensuring continued remembrance of the tragic event.

Member of Parliament for Gulu District, Sharon Balmoi, advised LRA survivors to draft a comprehensive proposal outlining their support requirements, facilitating advocacy efforts and engagement with relevant stakeholders.

Lino Owor Ogora, Executive Director of FJDI, pledged ongoing support to the survivors, including the construction of a memorial site and the dignified reburial of victims’ remains

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