Bobi starts countrywide mobilisation tour amid teargas, police threats ahead of 2026

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Police have indefinitely suspended the National Unity Platform mobilisation national tours, citing the party’s failure to follow guidelinesA statement issued by Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Katsigazi Tumusiime, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, indicated that police have been observing breaches of set guidelines in areas where the party held its activities.

While we completely support the right of individuals, groups, and other citizens to peacefully gather or assemble and express their views on matters of public policy, we have noticed that, in all areas where the NUP mobilisation activities have been carried out, there have been total breaches of the guidelines, thus causing public disorder, unnecessary traffic jams, loss of business, and malicious damage to property,” the statement, which was issued on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, read in part.

The statement further read: “For instance, in Mbarara City, their rowdy supporters vandalised a Toyota Hiace under reg. no. UBD 251J and caused traffic accidents, including a fatal one in Houma City on September 11th, where Mugisa Norman died and 10 others got serious injuries during the NUP convoy.”

Additionally, Police said NUP’s mobilisation activity in Luweero was used to incite violence, promote sectarianism, and make illegitimate calls for the removal of an elected government. and the issuance of defamatory statements against the president.

Katsigazi said the activities will be allowed to resume when the Kamwokya-based political party is ready to comply with the set guidelines.

Led by party president Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly known as Bobi Wine, the “Wake-Up Uganda” tour kicked off on August 28, 2023.

Police have dared the leadership of the National Unity Platform (NUP) to defy a directive stopping their nationwide mobilisation tours.

Speaking on Monday, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said the directive suspending the tours is still on and that anyone who defies it will face the wrath of the law.

“They have defiantly continued to say and show that they will proceed with the second phase of the mobilisation tours but we have to inform them that as police we are ready to ensure anyone who defies our directive is dealt with.As police, we have a duty to police public meetings and ensure Ugandans and visitors enjoy a safe and secure environment. We will not rest until those who want to use violence and lawlessness are brought to justice in this country,” Enanga said.

Police last week accused the NUP president, Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine of using the mobilization tours to promote sectarianism.

Security last week said Kyagulanyi used one of the rallies to “incite violence, promote sectarianism, make illegitimate calls for the removal of an elected government, and issuance of defamatory statements against the person of President Museveni.

They accused the NUP of disregarding the set security guidelines and that this has led to destruction of property and in some cases, loss of lives during the rallies.

However, in response, Kyagulanyi insisted that the mobilization tours will continue since they are “lawful” .

He also described the directive to stop the tours as being illegal .

“As soon as we announced our mobilisation activities, they immediately started issuing those terror threats, which we believe were intended to block us from doing activities in the Kampala Metropolitan area. We were not surprised when they came up with other excuses. To obey them would be to betray and commit an offence against our people,” he said.

However, speaking on Monday, the police spokesperson said throughout the first phase of the mobilisation tours, there was intelligence information indicating that NUP wanted to cause chaos.

“We had evidence that they were determined to confront police to make ugly scenes that would lead to disruption of processions and cause risk to the public .They had deployed their camera men to capture these ugly scenes involving police and NUP. Our officers exercised restraint and avoid confrontations with NUP that would have led to negative propaganda,” Enanga said.

He said there is “credible” intelligence information to indicate that NUP plans mass demonstrations in January next year but warned these too will be crashed.

“We anticipate protest events and mass demonstrations planned for January but we are ready to the arrest ring leaders. We call upon Ugandans and visitors to stand in solidarity with the law and reject these behaviors associated with NUP.”

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