Justice Forum (JEEMA) Faces Turbulence Amid Controversial Cabinet Reshuffle

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Hakim Muwonge, Kampala – The Justice Forum (JEEMA), a political party based in Mengo and known for its steadfast and outspoken representatives, is currently navigating a storm of internal discord and public scrutiny. This follows a controversial cabinet reshuffle executed by its president, Hon. Asuman Basalirwa, just a month before the National Delegates Conference (NDC).

Hon. Basalirwa, who has earned respect for his contributions in Parliament, took the helm from the esteemed Hon. Hussein Kyanjo, a former JEEMA stalwart. Under their leadership, JEEMA has carved a niche as a reliable and vibrant political entity in Uganda. However, the recent decisions have raised questions about the party’s future trajectory.

The reshuffle has sparked a heated debate within the party ranks and among political analysts. Critics argue that the newly appointed cabinet lacks the competence required to lead JEEMA, a party that has shown significant promise in Uganda’s political landscape. Most notably, the appointment of a legal secretary without a legal background has drawn severe criticism. Rumors have surfaced about the new appointee’s alleged struggles with addiction and frequent visits to rehabilitation centers, further shaking confidence in the decision-making process.

Adding to the turmoil, Mrs. Shifa Nanyazi, who was recently appointed as the finance secretary, has resigned. Her departure is reportedly linked to her decision to join the Kavule-based National Unity Platform (NUP), a move that has only intensified the uncertainty surrounding JEEMA’s internal stability.

An insider speaking to Online Radio Network Uganda expressed concerns over the reshuffle’s timing and the competence of the new appointees. “It’s baffling to see such changes being made so close to the NDC. This could be a crucial period for strategizing and uniting the party, but instead, we are dealing with internal disarray,” the insider noted.

The reshuffle has left many supporters and political observers questioning whether JEEMA is veering off course. The party’s commitment to justice, transparency, and effective governance is now under scrutiny, and the coming weeks will be critical in determining its direction.

As JEEMA prepares for the NDC, the spotlight will be on Hon. Basalirwa and his ability to steer the party through these turbulent times. The stakes are high, and the party’s actions in the near future will likely have lasting implications for its role in Uganda’s political arena.For now, the question remains: Can Justice Forum overcome this internal crisis and continue its rise as a formidable political force, or is it at risk of losing its way? Only time will tell.

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