UBOS Extends Census to May 25 Due to Challenges

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he Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) announced on Saturday, May 18, that the census period has been extended by one week. Originally scheduled to end on Sunday, May 19, the census will now continue until May 25. This decision was made to ensure that everyone in Uganda has the opportunity to be counted.

Chris Mukiza, the Executive Director of UBOS, explained the reasons for the extension in a message published on their social media platform. He stated that many people might have been missed if the census had ended on the originally planned date.

UBOS’ Executive Director Chris Mukiza

“The Bureau noted that there are enumeration areas which did not start on the 10th due to login difficulties. Another challenge was the geography of some villages missing on the system owing to incomplete listing during mapping and there are also hard-to-reach areas where enumeration was constrained, making the pace of enumeration slow,” Mukiza said.

To address these issues, UBOS developed generic logins for villages, allowing the enumeration to begin effectively on the fourth day of the census. This adjustment was necessary to ensure that all areas could be covered, even those with initial technical problems or difficult geography.

Mukiza emphasized that areas experiencing delays now have the chance to complete their enumeration tasks. However, this extension will not go beyond May 25, 2024.

The announcement was communicated to district chief administrative officers,  Kampala City Authority, town clerks, and city clerks. The letter advised household heads who have not yet been counted to arrange a suitable time with their LC1 Chairpersons to ensure they are enumerated before the end of the extension period.

In some regions, such as Teso, enumerators faced significant challenges due to floods that submerged roads and washed away bridges. These obstacles slowed down the enumeration process, highlighting the need for additional time.

On the first day of the census, Serere District Woman MP and State Minister for Fisheries Hellen Adoa called for an extension of the census period after facing a six-hour delay in the start of the enumeration process.

The extension of the census period by UBOS aims to ensure that every individual in Uganda is counted, overcoming the various logistical and technical challenges faced during the initial days of the exercise.

Source:Ankole Times

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