Bobi Wine Condemns Arrest of Fashion School Founder and Students

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Bobi Wine, a prominent figure in Ugandan politics and the President of the National Unity Platform (NUP), spoke out against the recent raid and arrests at Latif Fashion School in Kawanda. Among those apprehended was Latif Madoi, the founder of the school, who is renowned for his award-winning designs. Additionally, four students, identified as Roger, Jose (known as Mwavu takwana), Shaban, and another unidentified student, were also taken into custody.

According to Madoi’s son, the security forces confiscated numerous items during the raid, including five sewing machines, fabric materials, and finished clothing. This action by the authorities has sparked outrage and condemnation from Bobi Wine and others.

Bobi Wine criticized the government’s actions, labeling them as a crackdown on freedom of expression through fashion. He emphasized the power of fashion as a form of expression, stating that it speaks volumes and holds significant influence. Wine expressed his determination to resist any unlawful attacks on the rights and freedoms of individuals to express themselves through fashion.

In a poignant statement, Wine questioned the justification behind Madoi’s arrest. He highlighted his own public endorsement of Madoi’s work by wearing one of his creations, questioning why Madoi should be imprisoned for his contributions to the fashion industry.

The arrest of Madoi and the students highlights broader concerns regarding freedom of expression and human rights in Uganda.

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