Kenya Met Announces Heavy Downpour In 5 Regions Including Rift Valley & Western Kenya

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The Kenya Meteorological Department issued a warning on Thursday regarding heavy rains expected in various parts of the country over the next two days.

In its advisory, the Kenya Met indicated that isolated heavy rains would affect areas in Western Kenya, the Rift Valley, and the Central Highlands.

Similar weather patterns were also forecasted for the Lake Victoria Basin, the North Coast, and offshore regions.

According to the meteorological predictions, these regions are expected to experience heavy rainfall from Thursday, May 9, through to Friday, May 10.

Kenyans were further warned to keep safe and avoid activities that could put their lives at risk even as floods continue to be witnessed in some regions of the country.

“Continued rainfall across multiple regions. Stay safe and prepared,” the metreological department urged Kenyans.

However, in Nairobi, the weather was predicted to be cloudy with sunny intervals during the day and light to moderate rainfall.

The weatherman’s announcement comes a day after President William Ruto announced the reopening of schools from May 13.

Ruto’s announcement followed his previous directive where he ordered the indefinite closure of the schools due to ongoing floods that affected several regions of the country.

All parents are now advised, based on the assessment of weather experts and the government, that it is safe for our children to go back to school,” the head of state said as he ordered the reopening of schools.

In his directive, Ruto also ordered Friday, May 10, to be gazetted as a public holiday to remember those who have been affected by the floods.

“On this day, we will plant trees and remind ourselves that the solution to climate change is taking care of our environment,” the president stated.

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