Calleo Marks 14 Years of Providing Transformative Market Intelligence Solutions

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Calleo is proud to celebrate 14 years of helping businesses accelerate their pathway to success by providing them with tailored B2B information solutions.


“Since our launch in 2010, Calleo has been helping businesses gain the competitive edge and empower their growth strategies by providing them with high-quality, curated market intelligence services,” says Calleo founder and managing director, Andrew Dean. “We help bridge the B2B intelligence gap so that teams have all the information they need at their fingertips to ensure they make smart, intelligence-driven decisions.”


Calleo’s ongoing growth and success underscore its key understanding of the pivotal role that intelligence plays in supporting overall business strategy and in enhancing vital growth-related functions such as marketing, business development, product management, research and strategic planning.


Understanding market dynamics

The birth of Calleo was sparked by Andrew’s recognition of the absence of consistent, accessible market intelligence for businesses, in a range of B2B sectors, including business, financial, consumer and technology services.


The business name, Calleo, is inspired by the Latin term for “knowledge through experience”. “I believe that gaining ‘knowledge and understanding through experience’ goes beyond observation – it’s about comprehending market dynamics, competitor strategies and customer needs,” says Andrew. “It’s not just about what you know but how you integrate and apply that knowledge to drive innovation and navigate the complexities of the B2B landscape.”


Delivering success

The success of Calleo’s vision is evident in the growth of the company, the diversity of the industries Calleo now serves, and the extent of the company’s clients, both locally and internationally.


It is the Calleo teams’ commitment to being truly invested in their clients’ success and tailoring their market intelligence information services to help fuel smarter decision making for all key members of the business that set them apart.


“We take the time to get to know a client’s business and its needs to ensure the right information is being gathered,” says Andrew. “We delve into markets, industries, companies, competitors, potential partners, industry influencers and trends to provide pivotal insights that help shape and fuel marketing decisions, inform growth opportunities and shape business development and strategy. It is hugely satisfying to see the positive impact these insights provide to CEOs and their management teams as they utilise this information to chart their pathway to growth.”


Calleo now provides its services to clients throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East, covering regional and global developments. These services cover a wide range of industries, including banking and payments, financial services, retail and e-commerce, FMCG, manufacturing and distribution, supply chain and logistics, consulting and professional services, corporate responsibility and sustainable finance, as well as information systems and digital technology.


Discover how Calleo can enhance your B2B growth-related business activities:

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