Dogs Released on Census Officials in Kampala and Wakiso

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Mukiza revealed that at least two census officials were bitten by dogs in Wakiso. He noted that these incidents occurred in the homes of prominent individuals including ministers and army officers. Mukiza emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of enumerators to guarantee accurate data for effective government planning.

These challenges come at a crucial time as preparations for the May 9, 2024, census night are underway. Mukiza highlighted that 150 villages in Wakiso district still needed to be listed and mapped.

Wakiso district officials attributed the delay to being initially excluded from the exercise. According to Wakiso LC5 chairperson Matiya Lwanga Bwanika, there was a communication gap between local leaders and UBOS coordination teams, resulting in resistance and isolated incidents.

However, Bwanika assured that efforts to engage the public and disseminate census information were ongoing. He acknowledged the importance of census officials having proper identification to avoid misunderstandings.

Concerning the dog incidents, Bwanika suggested they could be due to strict security measures in households to prevent theft. He noted similar incidents involving utility operators and emphasized the need for proper identification when accessing homes.

UBOS reported that pre-census geo-mapping progress stood at 97.4% nationwide, with some delays in the Karamoja region. While some districts had achieved full mapping, others, particularly in Napak, still had outstanding areas.

Mukiza stressed the importance of transparency in this census, stating that it would be more transparent than previous ones. He outlined the structure of census management, which involves officials at national, regional, district, and village levels.

The census aims to provide crucial statistical information for economic and social development planning and administrative purposes. The last National Population and Housing Census in 2014 recorded a population of 34 million people. With estimates suggesting a population of 46 million, the 2024 census will provide accurate data for verification.

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