Police identify killers of Buganda’s Ndiga Clan Head Bbosa Lwomwa

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In the latest update surrounding the previous shooting incident which claimed the life of Eng Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa, the head of the Ndiga (sheep) clan in Buganda, police have revealed a breakthrough in the ongoing investigations with the identities of the killers now identified.

Eng Bbosa, 72, who was also the director of Transa Electrical, was travelling from Buikwe was on Sunday evening shot dead on the spot after three assailants riding on a motorcycle and armed with an AK 47 riffle opened gunfire at his car at around 6 pm near his home in Lungujja, Lubaga Division, a Kampala suburb.

While giving an account of the circumstances surrounding the case, Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said that the assailants who were on a motorcycle Haojue under registration number UFX 854F (disguised with a cello tape to read UEX 754 E), reportedly first parked in a corner along the road, where they waited for the victim, as he approached the junction to his home, at Kikandwa zone, Lungujja Parish in Lubaga division.

“They rode past him, made a U-turn, and faced the oncoming vehicle. They attacked and shot the victim at close range, from the front side of the car. Three bullets penetrated his head killing him instantly while in the driver’s seat, of the Land cruiser, registration number UAH 637X,” Mr Enanga told journalists in Monday’s weekly security briefing at the police headquarters in Naguru.

According to Mr Enanga, Eng Bbosa’s wife, Mrs Glady’s Bbosa and their housemaid, Mrs Nambale Peace who were with him in the car returning home, from a family function, survived with no major injuries.

As the 3 assailants were fleeing the scene, Enanga says the assailants were pursued and knocked by a courageous bodaboda rider at Bulange–Mengo, after which they fell down.

“He (the boda boda rider) went on to raise an alarm, that attracted an angry mob, which aggressively pursued and arrested two of the assailants, who were trying to flee on foot. The suspects were seriously beaten by the irate crowd and one of the assailants identified as Serunkuma Enock died on the spot,” Mr Enanga stated.

He added; “The second suspect sustained life-threatening injuries and was rushed to Mulago National Referral Hospital, where he was later identified as Lujja Noah, now under close guard by CID personnel. A third suspect fled from the scene.”

While the shooting is still under investigation, and the motive undermined, police say it appears to be a targeted incident and that investigating officers are reviewing all CCTV footage, both public and private in the area, as part of investigations.

“Our task team of detectives have forwarded, the killer gun to the Ballistic experts, to conduct an urgent trace of the origin of the killer gun, when, where and to whom it was allocated. We are also analyzing all pieces of information available to us and continue to gather more leads,” Mr Enanga emphasized.


“We expect more information from the suspect at Mulago once he gains total consciousness. We have further established that one of the suspects Serunkuma Enock, is a resident of the local area. We thank the community for their vigilance, especially the bodaboda movement, who courageously pursued the assailants. It is a testament to good community vigilance and a commitment to the neighbourhood watch.”

Despite the development and breakthrough, Enanga said police still have a lot of work to do on how, to prevent acts of mob justice, after arrest, because it negatively impacts our leads including the motive of the suspects and identification of other perpetrators, to the violent crimes.

DailyExpress has since established that the suspect who is in hospital, underwent a CT scan, and was found with no head fracture or bone injury. He is now conscious and guarded at the Hospital.

“We extend our deepest sympathies to the Kabaka of Buganda, the immediate family members, friends and relatives, the Ndiga Clan, and the residents of Lubaga-Lungujja, where the incident occurred,” police said.

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