Angry Mob Lynches Assailants Who Shot Dead Buganda Kingdom Official

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In a shocking and rather sad incident, an angry mob has retaliated and killed two armed assailants who shot and killed Buganda Kingdom Sheep (Ndiga)clan head, Daniel Bbosa, on Sunday evening.


Eyewitnesses recount a harrowing scene as the assailants, riding a motorcycle, ambushed Bbosa upon his arrival home, unleashing a barrage of bullets at his Toyota Land Cruiser and fatally wounding him. Bbosa’s untimely demise reverberated through the neighborhood, igniting fury among residents determined to avenge their respected leader’s death.


Fuelled by anger and grief, the enraged mob swiftly mobilized, pursuing the assailants with relentless determination. In a swift and decisive act of retribution, the assailants were cornered and met with swift justice at the hands of the mob. With a sense of vigilante justice prevailing, the assailants were lynched, their fate sealed in the throes of mob fury.

The ensuing chaos led to a pursuit by the angry mob and terribly stoning one of the two assailants to death whereas the other one is said to have took off but badly smashed. Both the gun and the motorcycle used in the crime were successfully recovered following the incident.

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As the community grapples with the aftermath of this violent episode, questions loom over the circumstances leading to Bbosa’s targeted attack and the identities of the assailants. The Buganda Kingdom mourns the loss of a revered leader, while the swift and brutal retaliation by the mob serves as a stark reminder of the simmering tensions and quest for justice within the community.

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