Uganda pledges to use NAM, G77+China summits to deepen South-South cooperation

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NAM SUMMIT*  The head of public service, Lucy Nakyobe, who is also the chairperson of the NAM Summit national Task Force, has today held a briefing for the press. This took place at Serena conference centre. The briefing was attended by members of the NAM task force, including foreign Affairs, tourism, ICT and KCCA.

Sarah Kagingo,the Vice  Chair of Private Sector Foundation Uganda(PSFU),delivering her remarks. Courtesy Photo.
The Permanent Secretary  of Ministry Of ICT Dr.Aminah Zawedde attending the function.

Sarah Kagingo,the Vice  Chair Chair of Private Sector Foundation Uganda(PSFU),delivering her remarks. Courtesy Photo.

The head of public Service, Lucy Nakyobe delivering her Statement.

Sarah Kagingo,the Vice  Chair Chair of Private Sector Foundation Uganda(PSFU),the head of public service, Lucy Nakyobe and the Permanent Secretary of Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Vincent Waisswa  Bagiire Courtesy Photo.

KAMPALA, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) — Uganda says it will use the upcoming 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit and the Group of 77+China Summit (Third South Summit) to promote South-South cooperation and solidarity among member states.

John Mulimba, the state minister for Foreign Affairs, said Tuesday the two summits will provide a unique opportunity for Uganda to be at the center of global affairs as well as support and promote the interests of developing countries.

“The vision for Uganda will be a stronger and united NAM that contributes to a better and stronger world for all,” Mulimba said Tuesday during the media launch for the two summits scheduled to take place in January 2024.

The theme for the NAM Summit will be “Deepening Cooperation For Shared Global Affluence,” while the G77+China Summit will be held under the theme “Leaving No One Behind.”

Mulimba said the choice of the two themes was based on the fact that some issues had emerged worldwide, which require the engagement of group members.

“The history of human development has been characterized by inequality, threats of nature to humans in different forms, and threats of humans against other human beings at the time of independence for NAM members. Global affluence and prosperity was concentrated in only a few countries,” Mulimba said. “Sometimes the growth and economic transformation of some countries is perceived as a threat to others due to competition instead of embracing such progress for the greater potential.”

The minister also noted that many developed countries under NAM were merely encouraging developing countries to only sell to them raw materials instead of helping them to add value to their products.

“Our expectations will be for strengthened South-South cooperation and enhanced diplomatic influence,” the minister earlier noted before the media launch.

Lucy Nakyobe, the chief executive officer of the national organizing committee for the two summits, said they were in the final stages of preparation.

“We have been in the kitchen cooking and now the food is ready. We are putting it on the table. It is our role to ensure that these summits are attended in big numbers,” Nakyobe said, adding that preparations started in November 2022.

“The government of the People’s Republic of China had given us 70 SUV vehicles to transport VVIPs (very very important persons) and now they have added another 70 SUVs. These vehicles are already here for use during the summits,” Nakyobe said.

The official said Uganda had embarked on road repairs and maintenance works, street lighting as well as beautification of the city suburbs ahead of the summits.

“The country is secure and ready to receive international visitors coming in January for the two summits,” Nakyobe said.

According to Nakyobe, the country’s international airport is undergoing a number of readjustments to ensure it accommodates the many VVIPs expected in the country.

At the end of the two summits, Uganda will assume the chairmanship of both the NAM and G77+China. Enditem.

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