Virtual Card enabled MTN Pay Phones Easing communication in Ugandan schools

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A student uses the MTN Payphone to make a call

Uganda, like many African countries, has experienced a significant growth in mobile phone adoption and usage in recent years. Although mobile phones have become quite popular in the country, there is a gap that can only be filled by public pay phones. Case in point is schools as most Ugandan primary and secondary schools have restrictions around pupils and students owning phones.

The New MTN virtual card enable pay phone at one of the schools

In a bid to provide the benefits of a modern connected life to all its customers, MTN Uganda has rethought and is rolling out modern and conveniently placed payphones that work using digital vouchers, in communities with low mobile phone penetration to foster connection and communication.

Unlike the old phones that required physical cards and cash, these new payphones work with digital vouchers referred to as virtual cards.

The pay phone roll out started with schools. Plans are underway to have these pay phones installed in other public places such as factories, hospitals and along the highways as well as far-flung areas to help people stay in touch with their loved ones as well as seeking emergency services.

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