Dehezi Computer International’s Dr.Aggrey Kiyingi:A Ugandan physician acquitted of wife’s murder dead in Australia is dead

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Australia, Uganda: Dr Aggrey Kiyingi, a Ugandan-born Australian cardiologist and government critic has died at the age of 68, the family announced on Saturday afternoon.

Mrs Mayimuna Nakayiira Kiyingi shared the grieving news of Kiyingi’s passing in Australia on social media saying; “with immense sadness and a heavy heart. He peacefully departed from our lives”.

Nakayiira paid tribute to Kiyingi as a “loving father, a wonderful friend and an integral part of our lives”, adding that his “presence brought immeasurable joy, laughter and warmth to countless moments we shared together”.

“Details of the funeral and memorial services will be communicated in due course.”

Kiyingi became popular in 2006 when the High Court in Kampala acquitted him of killing his estranged lawyer’s wife and city advocate Robinah Kiyingi in 2005. Four years later, he married Nakayiira in 2009.


At the time of his death, Kiyingi who had attempted to contest for the presidency several times under his Uganda Federal Democratic Organization party is accused of providing logistical and financial support to the ADF rebel group which is linked to several murders and bombings in Uganda and Eastern Congo.

Dr Kiyingi is also remembered for  for running Dehezi Computer International on Jinja road.

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