UPDF soldier killed by roadside bomb in Somalia

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UPDF Deputy Spokesman Col. Deo Akiiki

A soldier from the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) lost his life in a tragic roadside bomb explosion in Somalia, as reported by his family.

Sgt John Byaruhanga, who worked as a heavy recovery truck driver and mechanic, met his untimely demise on Friday, September 15, when a bomb exploded while he was part of a convoy traveling from Beledamin to Golweyne.

His brother, Fred Fredo Byenkya, shared the unfortunate news via a WhatsApp message, stating, “Dear friends and colleagues, I announce the death of brother Afande John Byaruhanga, who has been involved in a suspected bomb attack in Somalia where he has been operating.”


Byenkya confirmed that he had recently spoken to his brother, who had been planning to return from Somalia, where he was stationed as part of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS).

Sgt John Byaruhanga, originally from Kagadi in Buyaga West, is survived by two wives and several children, some of whom are currently attending secondary school.

The family received information about the incident from one of their relatives, Moses Kasaka, a lecturer at Makerere University, who was informed by Byaruhanga’s commanders in Somalia.

According to the details shared with the family, the tragic event occurred as Byaruhanga was attempting to extract a UPDF truck that had become stuck in a pothole. When he left the vehicle to inspect the situation and saw that the tires were trapped, an explosive device planted beneath them detonated, resulting in his immediate death.

The family is awaiting the handover of Byaruhanga’s body by the UPDF before announcing burial arrangements. Byenkya requested prayers and support during this difficult time.

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UPDF Deputy Spokesman Col. Deo Akiiki confirmed the incident, disclosing that it transpired around 2:30 pm on Friday when a roadside improvised explosive device (RSIED) struck the convoy as it moved from Beledamin to Golweyne, approximately four kilometers from Beledamin Forward Operating Base (FOB).

The explosion caused damage to one of the trailer vehicles and claimed the life of Sgt John Byaruhanga, who was driving the recovery vehicle. Additionally, three other soldiers, whose identities were not disclosed, sustained injuries and were evacuated to the Level 11 Hospital in Baidoa, Somalia.


Akiiki noted that both the remains of Sgt John Byaruhanga and the injured soldiers were evacuated to the Level 11 hospital.

Source:The Standard Uganda

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