The BoyzIIMen Will be performing live in Uganda

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Capital FM set to make this June 11 your One Sweet Day

  • BoyzIIMen will perform Live in Uganda
  • The event will be at Kololo Independence Grounds on 11th June 2023

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Capital(2015) LTD CEO, Peter Jackson Mugoma making the big announcement this afternoon at Serena Hotel, Kampala. The BoyzIIMen Concert will be happening at Kololo Independence grounds on 11th June 2023.
Image: Capital FM Uganda

Known to many for our impressive taste in the finest music selection, Capital FM Uganda is partnering with Sister Company, Radio Africa, and numerous others to bring you the all-time best all-boy American singing Trio BoyzIIMen to Uganda.

The huge announcement was made by Capital (2015) Limited Chief Executive Officer, Peter Jackson Mungoma at a Presser at Serena Hotel, Kampala.

There was an anxiety build-up since a poster indicating that the melodious trio will be in Uganda leaked last week, well, the suspicions were confirmed. The concert will be held at Kololo Independence Grounds on the 11th of June 2023.

The BoyzIIMen will be in Uganda as part of their East African Tour that will see them debut their shows in Nairobi on 10th June 2023.

“I am confident that the artists will be here and will give us a remarkable show, the due process has been followed, in which some of the details are confidential, but let the world know that the BoyIIMen will be in Uganda on that day.” Confirms Peter Mungoma.

In Uganda, the show will be supported by the best including media partners NTV, Spark TV, and Vision Group. The other companies on board include MTN Uganda, a banking Partner; DFCU and Johnnie Walker among others. The event will be managed by Fenon and Malembe Events companies.

The Trio which was initially a Quartet comprises Baritone Nathan MorrisWanyá Morris, and Shawn Stockman. They rose to fame in the 90s and pride of a fair share of international recognition, records, and awards. The four-time Grammy winners earned themselves the title of the biggest all-boys band between 1987 and 2001 by Billboard Magazine.

Back home in Uganda, Capital FM is about to unwrap those long-kept reminiscences of our high school miming. The excitement about the show is more about the fond memories we hang unto when we listen to the BoyIIMen’s lovely ballads.



Mukisa Bryan an ardent Capital FM listener said, “I must go for this show because I can just never forget how their songs made me feel back then. I remember writing lyrics of their songs in books, rehearsing and at times performing these songs and how it made me feel so cool in school.”

Nakanwangi Joan intimated to the writer how the boys who mimed these songs in school were the real deal and of cause they always made an effort to look and express themselves like the BoyIIMen and Oh! Girl, you’d even pray he points at you. Their songs just bring back my best-guarded memories of school and friends I haven’t seen in a long time, “I must surely attend the show” she points out.

“Can you imagine running out of words to say on a date but you listen to this song and it expresses each and every single way you feel about somebody’s daughter? Whoa! These men have the right lines, astonishing delivery, and the most appropriate attitude. Just listen to songs like I’ll Make Love to You, they just set the mood right! I adore their art! Says another listener Mulondo

Capital (2015) LTD staff members share a photo opportunity with representatives of partnering companies. The BoyzIIMen concert will be happening at Kololo Independence Grounds on 11th June 2023.
Source:Capital FM Website
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