Uganda’s Ghetto Kids video performing at Britain’s Got Talent will leave you with tears

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Ghetto Kids performing at Britain’s Got Talent

Ghetto Kids performing at Britain’s Got Talent. Image: @realsarehUG/Twitter

Uganda’s Ghetto Kids video performing at Britain’s Got Talent will leave you with tears

Achildren’s dance group from Uganda have secured the first golden buzzer from Bruno Tonioli on Britain’s Got Talent as the show returned for a new series.

Britain’s Got Talent 2023 auditions – Manchester

Britain’s Got Talent 2023 auditions – Manchester© PA Wire

The ITV talent show was back on screens for its 16th series on Saturday evening, with former Strictly Come Dancing judge Tonioli stepping in as a new judge to join Amanda HoldenAlesha Dixon and Simon Cowell.

The children, aged between 5 and 13, are part of an organisation named Ghetto Kids based in Kampala, which uses music, dance and drama to help disadvantaged, street and orphaned children.

Dressed in matching green and patterned outfits, the group performed an energetic routine to a medley of songs which delighted the crowd and Tonioli so much that he could not wait to press the buzzer, sending golden confetti down upon them as they continued to dance.

After the routine, professional dancer Tonioli said: “I was literally exploding. I am telling you, you should be proud of yourself. I can’t wait to see you back”.

Cowell revealed that the golden buzzer, which sends the act straight through to the competition’s live semi-final, has never been pressed before during a routine but described the moment as “magical”.

He added: “I think it’s incredible. You’re so young, you’ve flown all the way, no fear, this is an audition we’re going to remember and it was brilliant.

“That’s what this show is all about and that’s what the golden buzzer is for.”

The first episode of the new series also saw a 13-year-old magician Cillian O’Connor from County Meath in Ireland offer up some impressive magic trick routine.

In the routine, he made a whole within a card disappear, milk move from a cup to a lightbulb seemingly without pouring it across and accurately selected Cowell’s card from a deck.

During the performance, he also revealed: “I’ve learnt that having autism is not a disability, it is an ability… after discovering magic my life changed, it was like a light switch went off in my head.”

After the crowd went wild for him, O’Connor became visibly emotional which made Dixon and Holden tear up.

Cowell said: “You are unbelievably talented. That absolutely freaked me out. There is something really incredible about you and I do believe in magic.”

Elsewhere in the show, 42-year-old comedian Ichikawa Koikuchi, who travelled from Japan to audition with the help of an interpreter, surprised audience members and the judging panel with a series of flatulence tricks including popping a balloon, securing him three yesses.

A contestant dressed as Darth Vader also performed a selection of songs on an electric keyboard including Tears for Fears’s Mad World.

The tunes impressed the audience who clapped along but it did not get the seal of approval from the judges who gave it four red buzzers with Tonioli saying: “I am speechless, the force is definitely not with you”.

A recorder player dressed in a pink tux jacket and matching bow tie also shocked the audience when he performed a rendition of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love and Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline on the instrument but using his nose instead of his mouth.

Tonioli said: “Well he’s definitely original and your nose is going to be perfectly clean” before pressing his red buzzer which sparked laughter in the audience as the other judges had to inform him he did not need to press the button after the performance was over.

The Big Sing community choir delivered an uplifting rendition of Emeli Sande’s Brighter Days but shocked the judges as the group kept expanding by popping out of their seats in the audience until the choir reached its total of 350.

An overwhelmed Cowell said “My goodness, we weren’t expecting that” as he admitted that when they initially said they were a big choir he had questioned them but confessed they had surprised him.

Dixon added: “How do we sum this up, I just felt so joyful through the whole thing”.

Meanwhile, Parkour Collective – a trio consisting of George, Ed and Travis – had the judges on the edge of their seats as they flipped, jumped and swung their way across the stage and auditorium which got the judges on their feet.

Cowell admitted: “That was honestly the best entrance I’ve ever seen on this show. You’re like the boyband of free runners. Like the Next Direction.”

Receptionist Amy Lou, 34, who revealed she was 30 weeks pregnant, also serenaded the judges and audience with her version of Listen by Beyonce which stunned the crowd before receiving four yesses.

Holden described her as a “star”, adding: “The minute you started singing I was just covered in goosebumps and I was just thinking your baby is probably just having a lovely little sleep in there and then she’s gone ‘Oh here we go’.”

The contestants are again competing for a prize of £250,000 and the opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of the royal family later this year.

Comedian Axel Blake was crowned the winner last year and performed at the Royal Albert Hall for the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

Geordie duo Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly also returned to host the programme – a role they have held since the show began in 2007.

Britain’s Got Talent continue on ITV1 and STV.

Source:Evenning News

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