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By Jacquiline Emodek

In a bid to qualify for accreditation on the Authorised Economic Operator programme(AEO), compliance checks have been launched at WinWorld Impex, a renowned manufacturer of plastics.

The URA Customs Management team led by the Abel Kagumire the visited WinWorld Impex as a new measure for one to be granted the prestigious AEO status. These are conducted after the AEO team has done process checks and inspection.

In his remarks, Kagumire warned the clients against engaging in tax evasion activities and working with non-AEO transporters sighting abuse of privileges which can lead to canceling of their AEO status.

“We had a scenario were one of the AEO’s used a non-AEO transporter and the transporters smuggled phones in the consignment hoping that it would not be verified because we offer AEO’s faster clearance. Please desist from this as it will lead to us revoking your privileges as AEO,” he warned.

URA Customs Management(R) preparing to tour the WinWorld impex company

James Malinzi, the Assistant Commissioner Customs Audit on the other hand revealed that the Customs Department is currently working on improving the AEO experience of trade facilitation by collaborating with the Domestic Taxes Department to address the challenge of delays in payment of their VAT refund.

“In regards to the issue of VAT refunds, we agreed with Domestic taxes that the refund can be paid then the compliance checks can be conducted later so as to reduce on the delays,” he said.

The World Customs Organization SAFE Framework of Standards defines an AEO as a party involved in the international movement of goods, in whatever function, that has been approved by, or on behalf of a, national Customs administration as complying with WCO or equivalent supply chain security standards.

URA currently has 118 members who enjoy a number of benefits ranging from; priority to participate in Customs initiatives self-management of Customs Bonded warehouses, choice of place of physical examination of cargo, faster clearance among others.

Notably, the benefits are not restricted to only Customs but also cut across to other agencies involved in the supply chain as a client is only awarded AEO status following compliance clearance from all of them.


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