Tayebwa leads calls for European Union to stop exporting cancer-causing products to Africa at Brussels Conference

As sovereign nations, we must come together and face the European Union and others with  one voice in the fight against proliferation of hazardous and toxic products coming into our countries.
EU didn’t do it alone, they had to come as a formidable group,  we must also unite and say, if there are specific countries which are allowing dangerous milk, poisonous pesticides etc, we should stand firm as sovereign nations and reject that.
Some of this milk comes in form of donations to poor countries, poor children and refugees.  It comes from the EU particularly what they can’t consume.  If you send dangerous milk to a refugee who has nothing to eat, how do you tell them about sovereignty?
We must make a resolution as ACP, telling the EU to be transparent. Our countries are not dumping grounds for hazardous products. We are all human beings.  We all have red blood, you don’t have blue blood.  The milk that can kill a European can also kill an African. A poisonous pesticide that can cause cancer to a European can also cause the same cancer to an African or a Carribean.
Why are you allowing dangerous products in your Union and even export the same hazardous products to other countries? Stop it. That’s what we are saying,” *Rt Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Uganda, speaking at the ongoing Organization of African, Caribbean, and Pacific (OACP) parliamentary conference in Brussels

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