Floyd Mayweather vs Aaron Chalmers unofficial scorecard from boxing fight

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Floyd Mayweather took on Aaron Chalmers

Floyd Mayweather took on Aaron Chalmers© PA

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather was taken the distance by reality TV star Aaron Chalmers in his latest exhibition fight.

Mayweather, 46, went all eight rounds with Chalmers at The O2 arena in London, which marked the first UK appearance in the former five-weight world champion’s boxing career. ‘Money’ showed no signs of slowing down despite his age as he outclassed Geordie Shore star Chalmers in every round of the un-scored exhibition.

Chalmers did hold his own as he took some hard shots on the chin from Mayweather without hitting the deck over the eight rounds. Mayweather entertained the London crowd by speaking to Chalmers’ corner during the fight, dancing with the ring girls and even sitting on top of the ropes in between the rounds.

Although the fight wasn’t scored, here is how we saw events unfold…

Round 1

Chalmers looks extremely concentrated as the fight gets underway whilst Mayweather is smiling at his opponent. Two big left hooks land for Mayweather which draw a smile from Chalmers. Not many punches from Chalmers as Mayweather goes downstairs and lands a right hand over the top. Double jab from Mayweather and he breaks the guard of Chalmers with an uppercut.

Floyd Mayweather 10-9 Aaron Chalmers

Round 2

Hard jab from Mayweather to start the round and he lands two good hooks to the body of Chalmers. Left hook from Mayweather and a counter right hand from Chalmers falls short. Two big right hands from Mayweather and he looks very sharp whilst mixing his shots to the body. Jab from Mayweather and the right hand counter from Chalmers comes up short. Another good round for Mayweather!

Floyd Mayweather 10-9 Aaron Chalmers

Round 3

Double jab from Mayweather and Chalmers is throwing more punches at the start of this round, but that doesn’t mean they are landing. Jab from Mayweather splits the guard at the halfway point of the fight. Chalmers comes close to landing with a hook but Mayweather punishes him with a good combination on the counter.

Floyd Mayweather 10-9 Aaron Chalmers

Round 4

Right hand from Chalmers comes up short and he looks to be getting a bit frustrated as he eats another hard jab. Mayweather has his back against the ropes but steps into range to land a hard left hook. Double jab from Chalmers and he’s showing some better head movement in this round. Great body shot from Mayweather and Chalmers puts together his best combination of the fight as the round ends.

Floyd Mayweather 10-9 Aaron Chalmers

Round 5

Another snapping jab from Mayweather to start the round. Double jab from Chalmers falls short. Hard right hand from Mayweather lands and he follows up with a left hook. Mayweather pulls the head of Chalmers down and lands a good uppercut. Mayweather talks to the corner of Chalmers as he begins to showboat, with the boxing legend doing a twirl at the end of the round before dancing with the ring girl.

Floyd Mayweather 10-9 Aaron Chalmers

Round 6

Mayweather is speaking to Chalmers’ corner again before saying “this is so easy”. He encourages Chalmers to punch him and then lands a hard jab. More showboating from Mayweather in this final round and he continues to land jabs to Chalmers’ head with ease. Chalmers remains focused until the final bell and he makes it to the end, but is this going eight? There seems to be two more rounds…

Floyd Mayweather 10-9 Aaron Chalmers

Round 7

Chalmers is going for it in this round, which was seemingly unplanned as the broadcast had the exhibition scheduled for six rounds. Perfect jab from Mayweather and a good one-two from Chalmers, but it lands on Mayweather’s arms. Jab to the body from Mayweather. Big right hand from Mayweather and he snaps the head back of Chalmers again with a jab. More showboating from Mayweather as the round ends.

Floyd Mayweather 10-9 Aaron Chalmers

Round 8

Double jab from Chalmers that falls short and Mayweather replies with two of his own that land clean. Chalmers walks Mayweather down but the ring legend makes him miss, again. Hard right hand lands from Mayweather and he encouraged Chalmers to hit him. Mayweather is dancing around in the final 20 seconds and Chalmers raises his hands as the final bell sounds.

Source:The Mirror

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