Tayebwa launches legislative agenda for children

Photo by Alex Esagala/Office Of the  Deputy Speaker
The Deputy speaker of parliament Thomas Tayebwa has implored legislators to consider issues affecting children with disabilities in their legislative agenda and also ensure the budget to facilitate their activities.
While officiating over the launch of Uganda Children’s Legislative Agenda by the Uganda Parliamentary Forum For Children, Tayebwa noted that concerns of children living with disabilities must be handled deligently.
Photo by Alex Esagala/Office Of the  Deputy Speaker
He pointed out the access to Education, Healthcare where most of these institutions have no services for the disabled.
He further expressed concern on the violation of children’s rights where by Uganda is ranked 16 in the 25 countries dealing with child labour, and statistics shown by a study of UNFPA in 2021 show that a total of over 354,000 teenage pregnancies happened in 2020, over 290,000 teenage pregnancies happened between January and September 2021 where by 320,000 cases where recorded per month globally.

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