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Uganda’s Minister of State for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Persis Namuganza, has been censured.

The Minister of State for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Persis Namuganza, has been censured.
In a tally of 356 votes, 348 voted to have the minister censured, five MPs voted no with three abstentions.
The Mps who voted against include; Member of Parliament for Aringa South MP (Yumbe District), Alioni Yorke Odria, Kagoma County (Jinja District) MP Moses Muwanika Wayomu , woman MP Jinja district Katari Loy, Women Representative (Buyende District) Nakato Mary.
Those who Abstained Include; Masindi District Woman MP Asimwe Florence, Maracha County MP, Oguzi lee Denis and Elderly MP Central region Busingye Peninah.
Censured ministers do not necessarily lose their seats, although the Constitution envisages that the minister against whom such a motion is carried resigns.
“Upon a vote of censure being passed against a Minister, the President shall, unless a Minister resigns his or her office, take appropriate action in the matter,” reads Article 118(2) of the Constitution.
Mwine Mpaka led Committee formed under Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure to establish whether a prima facie case has been established against Namuganza returned in the affirmative.
The committee unanimously found her to be in violation of her oath, and that her conduct satisfied the grounds in Article 118 of the Constitution.
Mpaka says the matters raised in the interview [which Hon Namuganza gave to various media houses] were obnoxious, reckless, insufferable, beyond the pale and in per incuria.
Busiro East MP Medard Segona says the Namuganza will nolonger be required to sit on the front bench of the minister but rather she will be backbencher.
Kiboga District Woman MP Christine Nakimwero Kaya she was discouraged that the Namuganza did not honour parliament summons to defencd herself but she undermined parliament.
Michael Timuzigu MP for Kajara County says the Minister’s behaviors have been constant since the 10th Parliament up-to-date she only needs to reform and change her manners.
The Speaker will, in 24 hours and pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure, relay to the President the decision of the House, who will ‘take appropriate action’ as required under article 118(2) of the Constitution.


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