The Construction of Kampala City roads are part of the 100KM of Roads NRM Manifesto promised, get the facts right

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By AKAMPA Tanbull

Dorothy Kisaka,KCCA ED/Photo by Ronald Kabuubi/KMA Updates.

Well, there is  fake news being circulated by a mafia about the 31 ADB roads lined up for Construction in the Divisions of Kampala Capital City. The mafia  claims that these roads are only 69KM and that each Kilometre is being constructed at She 14.4b!

This is not correct, it’s only intended to paint a bad image of Government.

Our intelligence teams found out the facts!


This ADB project commenced in 2016 with conceptualisation and this is when the economic benefit of the project was determined. The roads were earmarked and the process determined.


Then in June 2020, Parliament of Uganda passed the loan after examining the economic benefit about the need to overhaul the 31 City roads.

The roads involved are 69.7km of widened roads, additional 14km of dual carriage, and additional 16.37km after project adjustment that eliminated eco buses. Which brings the total to 100km.

The NRM Manifesto 2021-2026 promised 100Km of roads in the City, which work is being done deligently and on course.


The funding bank, African Development Bank(ADB) has been part of the approval processes from inception to completion, with no objection requirement at every procurement stage and there are five other key entities in the approval processes, the lending bank, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFED) who signed the financing agreement, the solicitor General and the Parliament of Uganda therefore to inflate the prices they all need to collude, all of them from the beginning to the end for continuous six years, 2020 to 2026. Which is very impossible especially where the scope of the project involves more than just one road.


The several cost drivers for construction of Kampala City roads include:( 1:) Road construction works, (2:)Project Management (3:) Institutional Capacity building i.e Provision of road maintainence equipment, Establishment of Road Safety Unity.

(4:) Women and Youth Skills Empowerement.

(5:) Relocation of utilities and resettlement among others.

The roads are complete with associated drainage works including improvement to 22 traffic junctions, 123Km of Non Motorised Transport Facilities, Commercial Vehicles parking places, Bus depots, Thirty (30) public toilets, Six (6) markets along project roads for Women Vendors, Installation of 1,600 energy efficient streetlights and tree planting with in the City.


Therefore a Kilometre of a city road can not be compared to any rural road. From specialized equipment installed on the roads, street furniture and covered drainage system, relocations in a heavily developed Urban environment can not be over emphasized.


City dwellers are free to examine all the processes since 2016 to 2022, Examine Ministerial Policy Statements, the state of the City address 2022 by the Lord Mayor, His Worship Elias Lukwago. The details on ADB City roads since 2016 are all  there including all the feasibility studies that were done alongside the Kampala City Strategic Plan.



Our teams are in the field to furnish the public soon with more details on the Claims that the Central Government  has earmarked  $100 to purchase 10 acres of land from a one Bosco Muwonge, the said land in Kisenyi is to settle the City Hawkers.


We are building on Kampala, The #SmartCity we have all been waiting for as NRM Government under H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Secures the Future of not only City dwellers but all Ugandans.

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