Tyson Fury looks seriously shredded as he finally responds to Oleksandr Usyk’s call-out

There is only one fight that anybody wants to see in heavyweight boxing currently and it is Tyson Fury against Oleksandr Usyk.

Combined weights of around 225kg. A six-inch difference in height and more in reach. Both are technically sound in the ring. It is a mouth-watering tie for a boxing fan.

Tensions between the two have been rising ever since Fury called Usyk out in the wake of his victory against fellow British heavyweight Dillian Whyte. Since then, both Fury and Usyk have been trading jabs on social media to get to each other.

And on Tuesday night, Fury sent for Usyk yet again, and looking at the shape he is currently in, a fight to decide the undisputed heavyweight champion might not be too far away.

Tyson Fury’s response to Oleksandr Usyk’s call-outs

Prior to his most recent video, Fury has frequently called Usyk a rabbit and a middleweight. We are not sure about the rabbit line, but the latter refers to how the Ukrainian competed on the amateur circuit as a middleweight, where he lost to former welterweight champion Shawn Porter.

The Gypsy King has repeatedly drawn attention to this, believing that a man the size of Usyk could not beat a giant like Fury, who fought in the super heavyweight amateur category (over 91kg).

Video: Tyson Fury’s response

Usyk has also called out Fury’s size, but has instead drawn attention to his waistline, labelling him “belly”.

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Is “The middleweight vs the belly” for the undisputed heavyweight championship the worst description for a fight? Definitely up there with “Rumble in the Jungle”…

Fury, though, has again put pressure on his opponent to commit to a fight, calling out Usyk on Tuesday evening with some familiar insults.

“Usyk. You’re calling out the Gypsy King with your pathetic little call-outs dosser,” Fury says to the camera. “Rabbit! I’m coming for you rabbit. You’re getting it rabbit.

“I’m going to bust you up real bad you little middleweight. I’m going to slap you into a big pile of tattoos sucker. Come on.”

One of the main takeaways that fans got from the video, though, is just how good Fury looks.

Tyson Fury looks in great shape

Not only does he look huge, but he also seems to have lost some of his belly. Many pointed out that the 34-year-old was in great shape, and others believe Usyk could be in for a difficult bout come fight night.

“Looking good champ. Don’t see how you can lose this fight if you come in the right shape,” one said.

“This is going to be such easy work for Fury. The Matchroom blind casuals can’t see it yet, but when Usyk gets whooped watch their tune change,” another said.

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Gypsy King looks shredded in response to call-out

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Gypsy King looks shredded in response to call-out© Provided by Give Me Sport

If the shape he is in means he is getting ready for the fight, it might not be too much longer till Fury and Usyk sign the contract, meaning fans can soon start counting down the days till fight night.

Source:Story by Luke Collins,Give Me Sports.

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