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The Flying Squad Unit /Crime Intelligence in close coordination with the territorial police in Luwero, have recovered two SAR guns, that were robbed, one aggravatedly from two private security guards in Luwero. The preliminary facts indicate that the task team built up on its intelligence, and quickly identified Lubega Bashir, a 19-year-old resident, of Lukomera village, as a person of interest. They effectively tracked him down and established his hide out in a farm at Lukomera village, Katikamu sub-county in Luwero district, where they arrested him on the 18.12.2022.

Upon interrogation, he admitted to having robbed the two guns, to facilitate, his armed robberies in Luwero. Out task teams established that the first gun was robbed, on the 16.10.2022, from the house of a Pyramid Security Guard, at Naluvule zone, Lukomera in Katikamu North, Luwero district, after he had left it in his house and gone for prayers. The suspect used the same gun, to attack and kill, a one Odongo Leone, a Private Security Guard, of SGA Security Company, and robbed his gun with 5 rounds, after he had refused to hand over his gun, while guarding Advanced Micro Finance Co. in Wobulenzi. He further narrates how he disguised as a lunatic in dirty clothes, to reach his target before killing him and robbing the gun.

The suspect had used the robbed guns to carry out armed attacks and robberies in Luwero, including the robbing at JULAW Energy Petro Station in Lukomera zone, of Ugx 82,000 from a pump attendant on the 15.12.2022. We are expanding investigations to establish whether the guns where used in other wide-scale robberies or not, and also whether the suspect is linked to other hostile or terrorist groups.

We want to thank the community who furnished us with intelligence of a person suspected to having an illegal gun at a sand mine in Kyalugundo village, in Katikamu sub-county, in Luwero district.

The suspect led the composite team of Flying Squad Unit /Crime Intelligence/CID/Scene of Crime Officers and General Duties, to the recovery of an SAR gun that was hidden in a nearby bush. He further led them to the recovery of the second SAR gun, near the road at Lutembe village, Katikamu sub-county, in Luwero. It was wrapped in a yellow T-Shirt, that the suspect was putting on during the robbery at JULAW Energy Petro Station, Lukomera. In addition, 4 live ammunitions were recovered from his pocket, a magazine of an SAR gun, with one cartridge, a hood, and a black faded jean trouser, that was captured in the footage of robbery, at JULAW Energy and a torch, were recovered from his tent at the sand mine.

The public should know that the illegal possession of firearms by violent criminals poses major threats to the community. And that is reason why, the UPF is devoted to the identification of criminal elements with illegal guns, and cracking down such criminal gangs, behind the surge in gun -violence.

We strongly believe the arrest of the suspect, will bring some bit of relief to the community in Lukomera and Luwero. He is currently being processed on multiple charges of Aggravated Robberies of guns and cash, and for being in illegal possession of firearms.




SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

19th December 2022

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