Uganda’s IGP Ochola Martin.

The IGP has instructed the Director operations to re-instate police road blocks and checkpoints, following guidance from H.E. The President. It had been observed, that during the period that the road blocks were removed, some wrong elements and criminals had used the vacuum created, to commit crimes and escape, carry contraband and stolen properties. On the side of traffic, it had allowed undisciplined drivers to drive recklessly on major roads and highways, thus causing accidents especially in dark spots, where the FIKA SALAAMA checkpoints had been removed.


It is against this background and our security preparedness for Christmas and the New year 2023 celebrations, that we have re-instated roadblocks and checkpoints with immediate effect, in dark spot areas that are guided by intelligence and traffic related incidents. All territorial units are tasked to ensure all major roads and highways are safe, and use the check points to arrest traffic violators, drug and child traffickers, robbers, and other violent criminals especially now that we are entering the festive season.

The roadblocks/checkpoints will have an officer in-charge of making operational decisions of command, protection, search and intelligence and further ensure personnel at checkpoints are vigilant for crime prevention, crime deterrence and counter-terror operations. The checkpoints will be supported by moving patrols and robust standby teams.


We urge all motorists to follow the instructions of police officers to stop or pull over and to avoid traffic violations like, making an illegal U-turn, failure to use your turn signals, failure to yield, disobeying a traffic signal, driving the wrong way, forcefully driving through a checkpoint.

Any acts of indiscipline, through unnecessary arrests, vehicle impounds, extortion and bribery are prohibited and punishable by law. We encourage, all motorists, passengers and other road users to remain vigilant and record any acts of indiscipline and professional misconduct, on their smart phones or other recording devices for evidence purposes.

Source:Uganda Police Force


SCP Enanga Fred

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