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A reflection of Ms. Faith Lillian Kasule’s 28 years of selfless service at Makerere University


By Julius Mugaga Tukacungurwa/KMA Updates.

Makerere University: Ms. Faith has served Makerere University in many capacities since 1994.Ms. Faith Lillian Kasule former Registrar at Makerere University School of Women and Gender Studies gives her remarks during her 6oth Birthday cerebrations. Photo by Julius Mugaga Tukacungurwa.

The lady of God has entirely been referred as “By the Grace” because of her portrayal of
a strong religious background that has led enabled her to sail through dynamic

Ms. Faith L. Kasule hails from Misanvu-Kibinge, Buddu in present day Bukomansimbi
District (Greater Masaka) in a faith grounded family.

Who is Faith Lillian Kasule.?Faith Lillian Kasule and senior staff from Makerere University cut a cake at her 60th Birthday. Photo by Julius Mugaga Tukacungurwa.

“I grew up in a family of 18 children, but 9 belonged to my biological
mother, . “ I actually learnt this later on in life. My mother was very welcoming and we lived mutually,””. Faith revealed.

“My father was a coffee and banana farmer who was so social that he could bring
people from different backgrounds to stay home”. She added.

She narrated that her mother was so religious and loving that she started a nursery
school at her home to bring children together and for Faith, Life flourished with love
and Faith as her mother always implored them.

School life.

She went to live with her Uncle who then worked in Uganda Breweries and attended her
Nursery Education at Classic Nursery School.

For her Primary, she attended Kayanja Primary School at Namirembe Cathedral and sat her P.L.E at Gayaza Girls Primary School.

She then joined Nabisunsa Girls Senior Secondary School in Wakiso for her Ordinary and Advanced Level Studies.

Notably, she was in the pioneer A’ Level class. It is important to note that A’ Level at Nabisunsa Girls was instituted after she had just completed her O’ Level.

Among the 30 students who had completed A’ Level at Nabisunsa Girls SS in that year,
only 8 made it to Makerere University so was Faith Lillian Kasule.

At Makerere University, Faith offered Bachelor’s of Science with Education,
Mathematics and Geography.

Ms Faith Lillian Kasule who had offered Education course at Makerere University conducted her internship training at Kololo High School.

For her Master’s Degree, Faith went to University of Legon in Ghana.

“I heard about job adverts at Makerere University, I applied and in October 1994, I was
recruited. I have worked here to date. I have clocked the 60 years, the mandatory retirement age. I have therefore retired from the university service,” she said.

Throughout her tenure at Makerere University, Ms. Faith Lillian Kasule exhibited a collaborative working relationship, competence, expertise, courage and enthusiasm.

History of Faith Lillian Kasule services at Makerere University.

Ms. Faith Lillian Kasule who joined the University in 1994 as Assistant Registrar has served in several units at the University.

She rose to Senior Assistant Registrar to Principal Registrar,a position that she has held up to date. Some of the Units where she was posted include:.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Science, Certificates Office in the Department of the Academic Registrar, Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Art, College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology, School of Law, School of Medicine and the School of Women and Gender Studies.

Addressing the audience, Ms Faith Lillain Kasule testified that towards her retirement, the
Almighty God revealed to her Psalms 41: 2 to guide her in her next phase of life.

“The Lord protects and preserves them— they are counted among the blessed in the land— He does not give them over to the desire of their foes.”

She also pointed out other scriptures namely Psalms 1:21, 133 and 117.

In her farewell speech, Faith implored fellows who are clocking retirement age to treasure their time at work wholeheartedly, pray and lay a foundation for them to save and invest in real items.

She made these remarks referring to a situation where someone is likely to face rough time during retirement as he or she may not be strong to provide all needs and end up in a life of lamenting.

This prayerful lady dedicated Psalms 41:2 to everyone who had gathered at Makerere University School of Women and Gender Studies Conference Hall on Monday 22 nd  August 2022 to celebrate her birthday.



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