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MTN Uganda celebrates Ker Alur Ubimu coronation anniversary with Inter County bicycle races competition


MTN’s Phllip Odoi and Mildred with the Ker Alur officials kick starting the bicycles races

 MTN Uganda has partnered with Ker Alur to launch the kingdom’s bicycle races
competition, ahead of the coronation anniversary celebrations of His Royal Majesty
Ubimu Phillip Rauni III, King of Ker Alur.
 The Kingdom is made up of 58 counties, which have been grouped into 3 sub
regions (Jonam, Padyere & Okoro) that will each enter participants into the bicycle
 The bicycle races shall be executed under the theme; “Ending child pregnancies and
marriage” suggested by the kingdom and endorsed by Ubimu of Ker Alur.
 This sports activity is part of other social-cultural activities supported by MTN, as
part of the partnership with the Ker Alur Kingdom.
Saturday 6 th August 2022 – Nebbi District, West Nile, Uganda: MTN Uganda in partnership
with Ker Alur Kingdom has today launched the MTN sponsored inter county bicycle racing
competitions. The race is a build-up to the 12 th coronation anniversary of the King of Ker Alur,
His Royal Majesty Ubimu Phillip Rauni III, in October. This sports activity is part of other social-
cultural activities supported by MTN, as part of the partnership agreement signed with the Ker
Alur Kingdom in 2019.
The bicycle race event is the first ever MTN-sponsored activity in Ker Alur Kingdom. It will be
implemented under the theme “Ending Child Pregnancies and Marriage in Alur land”.
The launch of Nwech Gari mipyem ma Ker Alur Oyobo MTN (Ker Alur MTN bicycle races)
was held at Nebbi primary school in Nebbi Municipality, were the race kit was unveiled to the
public and members of the press. Representing MTN Uganda at the launch, Phillip Odoi, MTN
Uganda’s Northern and West Nile Region Business Manager affirmed that the Ker Alur MTN
bicycle races, reinforce the objective of the partnership between MTN Uganda and Ker Alur,
which is uplifting the socio-economic wellbeing of the people of Ker Alur Kingdom through
sports, education, and health initiatives.

“As MTN, we are strongly grounded in the belief that we are good together. We only succeed if
the communities in which we operate succeed. We are therefore happy to join hands with the

MTN Uganda | Media Release

Sensitivity: Public

The unveiling of the race kit by MTN and kingdom officals

Kingdom of Ker Alur to champion the fight against teenage pregnancies and early marriages
through awareness amplified by the Ker Alur MTN bicycle races,” said Odoi.
Registration for the MTN Uganda sponsored bicycle races will start tomorrow 7 th to 15 th August
2022. The preliminary races to select the riders that will represent the Alur sub-regions of
Jonam, Padyere & Okoro, will be held between 18 th and 22 nd August in each of the regions. The
grand finale shall be held on 27 th August 2022 in Nebbi Municipality. Registration for the races is
free. All registration will be conducted in the chiefdoms within the sub-regions.
Vincent Ochaya, the Executive Director of Ker Alur Kingdom thanked MTN Uganda for
supporting this social activity in the kingdom and for recognizing the value that cultural
institutions have in the community.
“These bicycle races will offer us a platform to sensitize the people in Alur land about the
dangers of teenage pregnancies and marriage as we strive to address the issue of poor
maternal health in our region,” Ochaya said
According to the Ker Alur kingdom officials, there is a current need to address insufficient
maternity facilities in Alwi Health Centre III in Pakwach District, Pawong Health Centre III in
Nebbi District, and Zeu Health Centre III Zombo District. To that end, MTN Uganda is set to
officially launch a maternity ward at Pakwach Health Center IV that it refurbished and re-
equipped to extend improved maternal services in the area.
In addition to Ker Alur Kingdom, MTN Uganda has partnered with other cultural institutions like
Bunyoro, Tooro, Ker Kwaro (Acholi), and Busoga Kingdom, to support efforts to uplift the socio-
economic, and cultural wellbeing of these communities in the areas of health, education, and



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