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Police clash with Jinja motorists in fuel cost protest

By NTV Uganda: The business has come to a standstill in the jurisdiction of Jinja after police intervened to quell a riot by motorists on the Jinja-Kamuli road over the rising cost of living.
This follows a social media call to have various motorists park their vehicles indefinitely until the fuel prices are reduced.
The rioters became rowdy and started hurling stones at the police, who had been summoned to pacify the situation. The security forces thereafter responded with tear gas to disperse the angry rioters.
In the areas surrounding Mafubira, the situation is direr as police have deployed live bullets and teargas to the detriment of the rioters. However, no arrests have been made so far on that route.
On the Jinja-Iganga highway at Milo Mbili, police swung into action to remove barricades erected by some youths who wanted to block motorists who had refused to heed their call to not use this road


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